In September 2020, celebrity jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz decided against offering accessories to her buddy Beyoncé Knowles on her birthday. Instead, she arranged to fund a scholarship for a young Black student to attend the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

A charitable organization, GIA without delay embraced the notion very much that they also made the decision to sponsor that scheme with a scholarship for one more person. With everything already looking promising, Beyoncé also offered another scholarship to sponsor one more person.

Presently, the Beyoncé Knowles-Carter x Lorraine Schwartz GIA Scholarship is providing 3 students with the rare privilege to undertake GIA’s Graduate Gemologist program, with course fees as well as expenditures completely covered for $20,000 each.

The Beyoncé Knowles-Carter x Lorraine Schwartz GIA Scholarship will provide two members of the Black community with the chance to obtain the industry’s top prestigious qualification, the GIA Graduate Gemologist® diploma.

Lorraine Schwartz, also widely recognized as “Jeweler to the Stars,” is a well-known accessories creator who already has produced red-carpet collections for Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Will Farrell, Jennifer Lopez, and of course, Beyoncé Knowles.

They originally worked together in 2003, when Schwartz, a diamond dealer at the period, created the jewelry Beyoncé donned on the cover of her debut solo album, Dangerously in Love. Since then, their professional lives have progressed magnificently, with Beyoncé functioning not just as Schwartz’s customer, but also as her inspiration.

Schwartz, who hails from 2 generations of jewelry vendors, focuses on designing innovative and artistic luxury ornaments employing rare stones. Several of the precious stones she works with have already been ranked by GIA. GIA is renowned for spearheading the area of gemology since 1931.

Aside from being a top-notch research institution of higher education, they are well respected for passing on gem and jewelry insight and expert knowledge to upcoming generations of industry professionals.

The beneficiaries of the scholarship will be handpicked by Beyoncé personally and they will be granted academic scholarships as well as paid expenditures for the course, which is to be conducted mainly online via distance learning. Requests for the scholarship will be accepted from March 1st through March 16th. Scholarship beneficiaries are expected to be revealed in late April.

Eligibility Requirements for Beyonce Lorraine Schwartz GIA Scholarship in 2023

Candidates will first meet the following parameters to be considered:

  • Authorized Countries: Domestic national students are eligible.
  • Eligible Courses or Subjects: Applicants may enroll in any of GIA’s Distance Education eLearning courses.
  • The candidates should be U.S. citizens or U.S. legal residents.

How to Apply for Beyonce Lorraine Schwartz GIA Scholarship

Only within the open application time frame is the GIA scholarship online application accessible. Entries have to be in Word, pdf, or jpeg form (rtf, odt, txt, msg documents, zip folders, or scans). Submit just one online scholarship request form, respond to all queries, and upload supporting paperwork. A minimum of 1 recommendation letter is necessary.

Résumé, prizes received, headlines publications, a personal profile, or an extra letter of reference can be included in the second additional file.

Entries sent lacking the necessary paperwork will be dismissed. The candidate should specify a study program as well as mode (on-campus, lab class, or online courses). The learning options chosen determine the scholarship award. Applicants do not submit an application for a specific scholarship.


The Beyoncé Knowles-Carter x Lorraine Schwartz GIA Scholarship will provide two members of the Black community with the chance to obtain the most prestigious professional qualification, the GIA Graduate Gemologist® diploma. GIA maintains the highest ethical standards, scientific research, as well as competence via academic achievement, study, diagnostic tests, and tool development.