UBS has just recently launched around for Female Founders of Color, a project entrepreneur, which aims to level the playing field for female founders of color by providing them with access to grants of $25,000.

This grant award is accessible by providing information that shows you are a member of a minority group, of which African American women are a big part. Therefore, taking advantage of this grant program can open doors to more grant opportunities for Black women.

UBS grants are offered through the UBS Optimus Foundation and continues to be a viable option for persons, start-ups, and small and medium-sized businesses around the world to compete for grant money. Ideas with the finest and perhaps most creative strategies will be funded.

The program is available to businesses that can influence the way financial services work and how financial institutions satisfy the demands of their clients.

The UBS grant program was established to provide minority business owners access to not just funding, but the necessary support that they need to grow their business and to encourage personal and professional development.

These $25,000 grants can be utilized for the purposes of growing your business, or simply starting one if you do not already have one. Grants programs typically do not require that you pay back the funds, however, keeping track of your gran applications and utilization can be quite beneficial in many ways.

If you are an African American business owner, Black entrepreneur, or a founder with projects you are planning or working on, and needing funding to help you get things going, this grant opportunity is a great place to start.

The UBS grant program will also provide you with the necessary resources and support that you need to build and scale your business and companies. The UBS grant program also provides mentoring and development programs to support minority businesses and programs.

The UBS program is focused on ensuring that minority business women equally have access to grant opportunities to help them create the businesses of their dreams. The process for applying for the UBS grant may appear multi-faceted for new business owners, however, we are committed to making the process as seamless as possible.

Projects Supported by UBS Grant Program in 2023

They provide assistance to initiatives in four focus areas;

  • Education and Child Protection including education and upbringing, as well as defense from violence and sexual abuse.
  • Child Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases (excluding HIV/AIDS)
  • They put great expectations on the initiatives they support, with a concentration on innovation, viability, and the probability of success, in addition to project quality.
  • A maximum of 10% of the total budget can be utilized for project support costs.

The first thing to check off when it comes to applying for grants is to ensure that meet the grant eligibility criteria for the USB grant.

Eligibility Requirements for UBS Grant Program in 2023

Applicants need to be one of the following to be able to qualify to take part in the Contest.

  • People who are 21 years old or older
  • Not burden to any bankruptcy or debt litigation, or to any deliberations involving the safeguarding of creditors’ rights.
  • Start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with continuing operations
  • To date, total financing has been less than US$150 million.
  • Have yearly revenue of less than $150 million USD.

How to Apply for UBS Grant

When you have checked the criteria needed for the USB grant, applying directly to the website should be your next step.  To apply, send your proposition along with the application form and any attachments as a PDF file to

Please keep in mind that attachments are limited to 15 MB in size. Big files can be downloaded in WinZip format. Files cannot be submitted through file hosting or file sharing services such as iCloud, WeTransfer, or Dropbox for security reasons.

All documents should be transmitted as email attachments only. If you are undecided as to whether you fulfilled the requirements, please contact the foundation by phone or email before submitting. Your grant proposal should include the following items:

  • Letter of support
  • Application fully completed
  • A comprehensive project description that includes details of the contents, timeline, location, goals, target group, organization, and individuals involved.
  • Budget and financing plan in detail (except visual arts)
  • Samples (audio, video, or text), catalogs, press articles, and other attachments indicated in the application form.

Think of the fact that others are applying for the same grant, so try and stand out the best you can. Standing out when you apply for grants may simply be as simple as providing the grant-issuing agencies your business registration, or simply including a grant proposal in your application can help you stand out.

When the aforementioned factors have been taken care of, applying should not be complicated.


UBS grant proposals are continuously forwarded and evaluated. The Foundation Board of Directors tends to meet twice a year (in the second and fourth quarters) to make decisions on grant applications that have managed to pass the assessment process. These gatherings will have to be after a three-month evaluation period.

As a result, it is strongly recommended that you submit your bid as soon as possible, as grants will not be offered late. The Foundation Office will acknowledge receipt of the proposed plan and notify the candidate of the appropriate timescale for assessment.