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KKR Small Business Builders Grants

The KKR Small Business Builders Grant Program for Female Founders makes available $10,000 to businesses managed and controlled by women worldwide to help them recover fully and flourish in the wake of the global pandemic.

The initiative was founded as a basic tenet of KKR’s COVID-19 Relief Effort particularly during the early phases of the disease outbreak, with the goal of aiding female entrepreneurs and fledgling enterprises all over the continent recover from the global epidemic.

All women-owned businesses are encouraged to apply. If you have been selected, you would earn $10,000 in funding. Anyone who is interested is offered immediate access to an extensive range of thoughtfully curetted resource bases. They also become part of Hello Alice’s network of 600,000+ small business owners.

Within Rounds 1-6 of the program, a substantial majority of female entrepreneurs with small and medium-sized businesses were named beneficiaries, and the initiative is currently in its 7th round in honor of International Women’s Day.

These recipients, who span from healthcare practitioners to children’s health clubs and comic clubs, use the funds to further their missions and continue to contribute to their societies. Right from 2020, KKR has granted $10,000 in funding to 278 small and medium businesses via its Small Business Builders program.

The Small Business Builders (SBB) grant, which is a vital ingredient of KKR’s COVID-19 Relief Effort, supports female entrepreneurs all over the world. The scheme is designed to help female establishments adapt to the continued COVID-19 downturn by stabilizing operational processes, upholding or establishing employment, and inspiring a better future.

Eligibility Criteria for the KKR Small Business Builders Grant

You must satisfy the following criteria to be able to qualify for the KKR Small Business Builders Grant Program:

  1. Be managed (51% or more) by a woman or a person who identifies as a woman
  2. Be a for-profit business establishment conducting business in any of the aforementioned nations: Australia, China, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Singapore, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and/or the United States.
  3. Maintain a threshold of five (5) staff members and a maximum of fifty (50) staff members.
  4. in 2023, annual gross revenues will be expected to be less than $7 million USD.

Steps to Apply for KKR Small Business Builders Grant

There is currently no information available regarding the KKR Small Business Builders Grant. The Foundation is already developing its latest grant-making strategy, which is expected to launch. If you have any concerns, feel free to email

Whenever the enrollment period starts, eligible businesses can apply online via the Hello Alice grants portal. Applications are due by April 22 at 6 p.m. ET. What you have to make sure you have covered would be your eligibility criteria requirements.

Once you have checked the requirements needed for you to be able to apply for the KKR grant, then the next thing you want to do is ensure you have a registered business, that is, if you already have a business. After that, a KKR board will carefully consider the applicants and choose the finalists based on who effectively meets the agency’s conditions and requirements.

KKR will notify grant recipients via email in June. Entrepreneurs may receive both educational support and grant funding to aid their businesses.