The trucking industry is worth over 732.3 billion U.S. dollars as of 2020 with over 902,000 truck drivers that are collectively employed in the United States. This figure is projected to grow at a consistent rise in the years to come.

According to Statista, truck driver shortage and driver costs are some of the biggest challenges that are currently faced by the trucking industry. If the foregoing statistics are anything to go by, the need for drivers and truck companies starting now has never been greater.

If you are considering starting a trucking business, or perhaps you already have a trucking company and need some grants to help you grow and expand your business, you have come to the right place. There are available grants for truckers, trucking businesses, and logistics, and we’re here to help you find them.

The first step to applying and receiving grants to start a trucking business is to explore what grant options are available for your trucking business. One of the ways to explore your grant options is to check through the AAG grant database to see what grant options are there for you to apply for.

You can select your grant type, amount, and grant eligibility criteria, and apply for the grants you need online. The other option is to schedule a consultation with a grant professional who can help you with the grant application process to find grants for your tricking business.

Zero-Emission Drayage Truck and Infrastructure Pilot Project Grant

Grants to Start a Trucking Business in 2022

The Zero-Emission Drayage Truck and Infrastructure Pilot Project Grant is a grant funding program that provides grant funding for new truck business owners. This grant provides grant funding to enable truck business owners to purchase environmentally friendly trucks for their inventory.

The process for applying for the grant has been made accessible for new business owners who are looking for funds to help them get their trucking businesses started. This grant program also includes those who may not have the funds to purchase their first trucks, but have a registered business and are ready to launch.

The process takes only a couple of minutes to complete. You have to provide your business registration information and a detailed grant proposal to help you secure the grants that you need to get started. Once you are ready and have all the required documentation, click the link below to apply now.

EERE Funding Opportunity Exchange Grant

Grants to Start a Trucking Business in 2022

The EERE Funding Opportunity Exchange Grant program is yet another grant program specifically tailored to new truck business owners to enable them to fund their trucking programs. If you are just starting your trucking business, this grant program is a great place to start your funding journey.

There are several other grants like this one that can help you get your business started. Finding grants for your trucking business can be a thing of the past if you know just where to look to find the grants that you need. We have made the process easier by ensuring that we keep our grant database updated regularly to help you find the latest grants.

To apply for the EERE Funding Opportunity Exchange Grant program, ensure that you have a registered business, and can provide the relevant licenses required to run a trucking business in your location. The process is accessible for both new business owners and those who already have established trucking businesses.

Final Thoughts

If you are still in search of more grants for your trucking business, there’s help. You can simply reach out to our grant consultants who can help explore your grant options, and see what grants you can apply for. Finding the grants that you need for your trucking business can help you get things established and help you focus on running your business.

Now you know just how to go about finding the grants that you need, ensure you apply right away as grants are time-sensitive. If you are exploring grants options for the trucking business and need grants to get things started, click here to speak to an AAG consultant who can help you with your grant options.