Fearless Fund partnered with Tory Burch Foundation, One Million Black Women Joint Initiative for this grant program. The Fearless Fund program provides funding support for minority women who are starting their businesses and need grants to get things going.

The Fearless Fund organization was founded by Arian Simone, who is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Fearless Fund. Simone is well-known in the entrepreneurial circles as a fastidious serial entrepreneur, a vast philanthropist, who also is an angel investor, a PR, and marketing executive, and an author.

Arian Simone has been in the entrepreneurial space for over 17 years. She received her MBA from Florida A&M. She started as a PR and marketing executive to start Fearless  Magazine and the Fearless Platform back in 2010. She has since then collaborated with multinational companies like Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and many others in her entrepreneurial journey.

Tory Butch Foundation, Goldman Sachs, and One Million Black Women Joint Initiative for Women of Color Grant Program

The Fearless Fund program has invested in the lives of many minority women who are out to change the story of their lives. If you are starting a business and not sure where to start. This funding program can help give you the options that you need when it comes to starting your own business.

This funding opportunity covers diverse areas of business opportunities. All you have to do to get funding is provide information about your business or what plans you have to start up. The application process is a simple one that requires you to fill out forms, submit them, and provide any relevant information that can help in providing more information about your funding needs.