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How to Promote your Business Using the Power of Social Media


Every business person would wish to grow his business and make more sales day by day. Currently social media has become an essential tool to do the marketing of any given product. In social media a one on one pitching can take place where a customer can ask for clarifications at any given time. However, as a business person you need to be very conscious since any small mistake can bring you down within seconds as it trends very fast. This means you should always be active on social media. Here are the ways to help you grow your business in social media:

  1. Check for the best platform

You need to make wise and right decision for the website to use in marketing your products as well as your company. Before any decision, it is advisable you do a thorough research considering your target group. To reach your clients quickly try create accounts on these sites so that you will be able to connect easily with them.

For the right site like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. you are required to make as many posts as you can in your daily basis. For example if your company is video production industry then the right channel to post your video samples is YouTube.

  1. Create and build your community

Having many followers doesn’t means that you will make more sales. The best thing to do is to focus on your customers that you are sure they are in need or might be interested in your products. When you have a potential community then you are assured of increasing your sales since your trusted customers may share your products by reposting your content on social media hence reaching more clients.

You can go to an extra mile of seeking social media influencers to help you with possible reviews and ideas about your product and ask them to mention you on comments when need be.

  1. Do a lot of engagements

As the word social media entails, try socialize with your clients by giving polite responses at any given time. Interact with people by commenting on their posts and asking them questions. Your posted content should be within the topic about your products or anything close to it.

Remember that business is more than interaction especially in social media.

  1. Create your own calendar

Plan your time by creating your own calendar that can guide you to make posts on your daily basis. This should be a social media calendar that will help you avoid the mistake of the last minute rush. By this calendar you are able track the records of any targeted goals and the progress of your company.

For quality posts, use regular social media calendar to guide you. Make sure to use links, hashtags, images and other contents at every post you make.

  1. Video sharing

It is the visual content that most clients check while browsing their news feeds. By creating a video content of your products, this way most clients are likely to view and do some engagements. This means your post has to create room for your client’s reaction.

Visual content is a special tool to market your products but you have to create interesting, narrative-driven videos at any given post.

  1. Create valuable posts

You should always note that you have many competitors and any slight mistake then you are likely to lose them. So you have to always create the most valuable posts in order to keep them. The information should be always useful in that it should be something that tells more about your product. Make them laugh by posting valuable entertaining posts that might help them in some way. This is the main tool that your clients might want to follow you always on social media hence you are able to make a campaign that will help you dig more new customers on social media.

In this case you are capable of attracting the customers for your services or products. Create a social room where your current customers are able to help you in spreading the offer you have.

  1. Be quick to address problem

Make sure that you always monitor mentions and comments about your company on social media. This will help you identify customers who are upset about you in one way or another. This way be quick to respond to such negativity that may tarnish your company. Engage with the complainer publicly by first apologizing for the mistake and promise to give a solution in a direct message as soon as possible. In this case those who are following will find out that you were responsive and they don’t have to see more of the specifics concerning the addressed problem.

We all expect most of the customer’s feedback to be positive but note that you should be ready for negative feedback.

  1. Avoid too much promotion

Do not overuse social media by creating too much of your products. Sometimes try to post engaging topics like current issues or so. Making promotion once in while is enough to keep your clients posted. This a trap where business fall into by treating social media as the only means of sale. Marketers believe in the rule of one –in-seven which simply means that out of seven you can do a one direct sale while the other six can be more of articles or asking questions. This does not mean that you have to stop mentioning your brands in these six but be careful not sell too hard.

 The above elaborated eight ways will help you change the direction of your way of doing things especially on social media. Bear in mind that social media marketing might disappoint you by not getting even a single view or engagement. This should not encourage you from posting your brands but try use the mention ways to improve your services. Don’t forget to have an ear to your customer. Check on what they discuss more about your brands and be sure to build good relationship by responding to their feedbacks.