Entrepreneurship runs deep when you know just what meets the needs of the people. Take Matthew Goins, a father of three children, who started his entrepreneurial career when he realized that toys highlighting diverse and inclusive images are not often available in the market. So, he went to work!

Mathew Goins, and Marnel, his wife came together to establish  Puzzle Huddle to inspire Black children around the world by creating jigsaw puzzles with positive images that look just like them.

Matthew was born and brought who grew up in Detroit, moved to Sacramento, California with his family a few years ago. As parents, he and his wife wanted to give their three children toys that could inspire, challenge, as well as represent them. But finding those was a challenge due to the lack of such toys in the market.

That’s when he decided to start making jigsaw puzzles for his children using only foam board and scissors with the help of his wife who paints them. He thought other parents would love their children to play with inspiring puzzles, too, so he launched Puzzle Huddle.

Since Puzzle Huddle was established in  2018, they have received a lot of positive feedback from families that purchase their products. And they keep on improving their designs to make sure it positively and accurately reflects the children.

Puzzle Huddle is now sold online on their website and at Amazon. It comes in different sizes from the smallest with 15 pieces to the largest with 100 pieces.

For more information about Puzzle Huddle and/or to order online, visit www.puzzlehuddle.com