Through technology, the world has slowly become a global village where anyone anywhere can know
and have access to information in whatever domain they desire if and only if they have a smartphone
with a reliable internet connection. Over time this trend has become more critical and significant
early 2010, there began a rise and scramble in the internet space and there began internet marketing
and business.

Yet there are a lot of uncertainties as there are many fake websites created by scammers to
dump people of their hard earn money, hence many feared and find it difficult to trust the online space
for their business especially if it entails dealing with a huge sum of money. But as the saying goes,
everything has a threshold on which it either sells or goes into extinction.

In 2020 with the coming of the covid 19 pandemic, which brought in several restrictions and bans human life and well-being are prioritized over anything else.

The online space became the only available option for reliable business ventures
and transactions. Many international business dealers had no choice but to do thorough research on the
safest online platform and business contacts to trust for business tractions, the risk was high but it’s
worth it. This drastic change took a toll on the business sphere both for sellers and buyers, local and big
business ventures. But in any case, there were key changes that were noticed these changes include;
Buying of goods.

The covid 19 pandemic forced many to trust the online space for their transaction, most
international business owners couldn’t access their raw materials and market to source and buy new
products hence had to resort to the online space with countries such as China and Turkey being the
a most trusted nation with reliable online dealers who many trusts with their money to get goods.

This led to the increase in middle men who act as intermediaries between buyers and the selling
companies, also we saw the rise of local shipment who enabled buyers to get their goods in
record time in save and proper conditions.

Selling of Goods: in a similar light, selling online became the obvious part, people didn’t need ba
physical shop to get goods, but rather could sit in the comfort of their homes, and showcase their
business to a wider audience, discuss business deals, get potential customers,get paid, and ship their
goods to the desired destinations.


In there are two sides to every coin, despite the fact that the online space has become so critical in
business these days there are a few things we must note.
Positive Expose business and products to a wider audience
Encourage competition and create new job opportunities
It stirs innovative thinking and gives hope for more disruption in the future.

Despite the fact that the online space is quite reliable but there are many amateurs out there using this
space for their selfish purpose hence newbies always fall victim to it.
It’s not quite favorable for every business or product.

Disrupt market prices for big companies as most small businesses now have access to suppliers directly.
But the fact reminds us that online disruption remains an ever-growing trend with more disruption still
to take place hence every business person must get set for such disruption.