Rechristened Black Public Media (BPM), this program has been devoted to establishing financial support for Black storytellers. BPM was a symbol of hope for several black filmmakers, such as Spike Lee, Julie Dash, Stanley Nelson, Shola Lynch, and Byron Hurt, in the early phases of their careers.

BPM is frequently attempting to engage the public in essential discussions about race, background, and societal problems via brief tales and online assets, thanks to a widening of financial assistance to encompass content exclusively for the web (e.g., Black Folk Don’t, Evoking the Mulatto, and Ask A Muslim).

BPM keeps trying to utilize its knowledge and skills today, after over four decades of historic work, by putting money into creative content producers and helping to bring vibrant initiatives to the Black experience that evoke, enlighten, and amuse on and off the screen.

This grant supported the creation of multimedia materials for the Black community for national distribution on public media by the NBPC. This financial support has also been used to reinforce collaborations within the Black community, to increase the effect of NBPC material in that community and among the larger public, and to develop varied creative talent within the public media.

NBPC is a nationwide charitable organization with a 30-year reputation for financing public television programming regarding the Black experience. The NBPC established the New Media Institute (NMI) in 2006 to prepare a new generation of creatives for digital channels.

Eligibility Requirements for National Black Programming Consortium Grant in 2023

To be considered for the Open Call:

  • The candidate would have to (a) be the project’s producer or director, (b) be a United States resident, and (c) have at least three years of experience producing and/or directing expertise, or the project should have a senior producer connected to it.
  • An individual of color should also be among the key creative personnel (producer, director, writer, or editor).
  • The presented material has to be a short (scripted or nonfiction) or broadcast-length documentary for distribution on public television.
  • The project should be finished within 36 months of being awarded.
  • The candidate has to have artistic, financial, and editorial oversight over the presented project, as well as ownership of the copyright.
  • Foreign-based, operated, or managed projects or production organizations are ineligible.

Review Criteria for National Black Programming Consortium Grant in 2023

The following criteria will be used by the review committee to assess each proposition:

  • The subject/story aligns with BPM’s mission of engaging audiences in a relevant social issue.
  • The synopsis illustrates a persuasive, distinctive, and unique narrative.
  • The treatment characterizes the proactive attitude (the use of visuals and audio), structure, and style in detail.
  • The expenditures and production schedule are appropriate for the scope of the project brought up.
  • The video sample illustrates the production team’s expertise, inventiveness, and willingness to carry out the proposed project.
  • The application as a whole is an expert proposition that illustrates project preparedness.

The standards outlined above will be used to evaluate each proposal. The winning shorts and broadcast projects will earn production funding to help them progress. The top two broadcast-length projects will be accepted into the 360 Incubator+ and PitchBLACK to further develop their funding pitch.

How to Apply for National Black Programming Consortium Grant in 2023

BPM is seeking broadcast-length series of documentaries (1-2 hours) and brief (30-minute or less, non-fictional or completely staged) undertakings in pre-production, production, or post-production for mainstream media distribution.

The miniseries must have three to five episodes. They as well accept a variety of subjects, innovative solutions, and points of view as long as the piece encourages viewers to converse about a key social issue. The following are the content areas of focus in 2023:

  • Changes in the Climate
  • Environmental Justice
  • Health Disparities
  • Culture and Art
  • Black History Month

Candidates will be alerted if their program progresses to the following stage at the grant website. Candidates for the 360 Incubator+ will be expected to participate in a short interview. After being accepted, the candidate has 3 days to affirm their involvement.


BPM continues to broadcast documentary films on television and radio through the anthology series AfroPoP. This grant for basic operating support allows BPM to empower and assist Black nonfiction multimedia creatives in honing their skill, realizing their dreams, and reaching a wider market with precise and energized discourses that illustrate the sophistication of Black life in the United States and worldwide.