Minority small business grants are free money that has been made available to individuals looking to start a minority-owned business.

Are you a minority business owner, looking for funding opportunities for your business?

You have come to the right place to find business opportunities and funding options.

If you are a part of minority-owned businesses, or a minority entrepreneur and are looking for financial support and other business tools and resources made available to help you in starting or growing your business, keep reading.

Minority business owners are known to be some of the most business-minded entrepreneurs, in spite of the challenges that come with starting and running a minority-owned business.

Understandably, minority business startups and individuals who are growing their businesses may require some form of funding to help them get started, from sourcing funding options to get tools and resources to help them along the way.

We are committed to bridging the gap between these funding options that are available to minority business owners, and how they can access these funding successfully.

We have a list of businesses that support minority business owners in finding grants for their business ranging from starting group homes to beauty salons, food trucks, restaurants, and much more.

What are Minority Small Businesses?


Minority small businesses in the United States are defined as any business, company, or enterprise that is at the very least 51% owned and operated by an individual, an entity, or body that identifies as African American, Native American, Asian, or Hispanic.

However, If the minority-owned company is publicly traded, then the stock must be at least 51% minority-owned as well to qualify as a minority-owned business.

The Small Business Administration (FBA) further touched on the capacity that minority small businesses would have to meet to qualify for minority funding options such as grants and other financial and business resources.

No matter what spectrum of the minority business owner you may fall on, whether you belong to black entrepreneurs or identify as a Black businesswoman, or women-owned business, we have grants to help scale your business.

What are Minority Business Grants?

Small Business Grants for Minority

Minority business grants are basically free money to start a small business. Minority grants are funding options provided by grant-issuing agencies like the Small Business Administration, (SBA).

There are also The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and other grant issuers, provided you meet their grant eligibility criteria.

Grants for minority small businesses are available, but knowing how to navigate the requirements for minority business owners can be helpful in successful minority grant application outcomes.

These grants for minority business owners do not to be paid back, but are given to help minority business owners grow their businesses for those who have one already.

Minority business grants come with a set of application rules, grant eligibility, and expectations, just like any grant you apply forr.

In this case, however, if you want to be ahead in preparing for a successful application, then you must start early.

Free Money to Start a Small Business

Small Business Grants for Minority

Free money to start a small business is a possibility if you think of grants for minority businesses in that light.

Funding options for a new business can be far and few between, but they definitely offer a lifetime of value that is worth the hard work and the unwavering dedication invested in the process.

There are several types of grants for small businesses from federal small businesses such as the United States Small Business Administration’s $100M Community Navigator Grants to third-party grants such as the 31 updated list of grants for Black women.

Whatever path you choose to go in your quest for minority business funding, what you should have at the back of your mind is the fact that grants are free money to help you start a business or grow one.

Here are Top Grants for Minority Business Owners

Small Business Grants for Minority

We know minority business owners can definitely do with some available business grant opportunities in 2021.

Hence, we have compiled a comprehensive list of business grants for minority business owners looking for grant opportunities to grow and expand their businesses.

Free government money for business owners and entrepreneurs can be accessed in a variety of different ways in 2021.

We have listed these grant opportunities that you can take advantage of today.

The process of applying for these listed grants for small businesses may require that you meet the specific grant criteria listed for each grant category.

As a business owner, making adequate preparations to ensure that you have all the grant requirements can definitely help put you in a great position of having these grants awarded to you successfully.

1. SBA Grant 2021

Small Business Grants for Minority

The U.S. Small Business Administration just launched grants for minority small business in May of 2021. The community navigator grant is a 100M grant specifically tailored to minority businesses.

SBA grant 2021 has become quite accessible for small business owners, particularly minority businesses that are in need of funding to support their business administrative needs.

Most SBA grants are available for minority business owners who meet the grant criteria for the grants that the SBA has created for the respective grant categories.

Apply for SBA grants 2021 can be simplified and made into a seamless application process you know meets the requirement for minority owned business.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal government agency that is committed to bringing funding opportunities for small businesses in the country.

The process of applying for SBA grants are clearly explained on their website to help minority business owners seeking funding for their businesses.

2. Grants.gov

Small Business Grants for Minority

Grants.gov is another place to find grants for minority businesses. Grants.gov is a federal U.S. website that does not just offer grants to minorities, however, it a trusted source for grants.

No matter what your specific business needs may be, or what industry grants you are interested in, make sure you have your business documents, and ensure you meet the grant eligibility.

Generally, Grants.gov provides for detailed information that you may need at every step of the application process..

Another thing to note about this federal portal for grants is that once you have registered, you get access to not just the grant’s.gov resources, but also to federal government organizations that offer grants to minorities.

These U.S. agencies include Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Commerce (DOC), and hundreds of others.

Indeed, accessing minority-owned business grants may come with challenges, but Grant.gov is committed to making it a great experience for minority grant applicants.

3. Minority Business Development Agency

Small Business Grants for Minority

The Minority Business Development Center (MBDA) as the name suggests is the U.S. Department of Commerce website.

The MBDA provides grant opportunities to agencies that are listed in the Minority Business Centers which are all located within the United States.

The process of applying for these grants that the MBDA runs is conducted through the afire-listed minority business centers listed above.

As a minority business owner, you are able to get access to business mentorship, tools, and resources that involve business consulting, appraisals, business procurement matching, and other financial funding opportunities for minority-owned business owners.


Minority business owners can find grants for their businesses when you know where to locate these grants. For those trying to find opportunities and other financial resources for minorities, a great place to start is by click here.

Minority business grants are constantly growing in terms of the number of resources and financial options that are available for small business owners.

Checking for updated grant information on the listed grant resources can definitely help in ensuring that you keep tabs on the grants that are available for minority business. in2021.