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Grants for Psychologists in Mental Health Research

Grants are available for Mental Health when you have the right information for where to look. Mental Health is an area that funders are starting to create more opportunities for mental health professionals. The process for applying for these grants has been simplified in a way to help individuals who are already in the program to continue to pursue other programs in the grants made available.

Grants are available for United States, Canada, and International psychologists that are interested in pursuing research in mental health and leadership in 2023. Nominees of this grant are expected to be affiliated with an accredited college, university, or other research or treatment institution. Nominees are also expected to be working in the area of serious mental illness, including but not limited to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and paranoia (delusional disorder) amongst others. has grants available for several programs for individuals who are already in mental health., You can check out these grants by clicking here. Find the options that work for you, so you’re able to apply for the variety of mental health programs that are available for the individuals who work in the mental health.