If you are an African-American working in the healthcare, hospitality industry, then this grant is for you! There are lots of individuals who have been affected in many ways due to the loss of jobs, income, health care and so much more. The African-American community also feels the pressure of finding some additional income in ways to help fund projects that benefit the community where these individuals live.

We have a number of grants that cater to mental health needs, especially. This fund is specifically to support Black Hospitality workers living in the US (you do not need to be a citizen).

For the purpose of this grant the definition of Black: Black is a racial and cultural categorization that is all-inclusive including of any individuals that racially identify as black or of African descent including:

African American

Hospitality workers, for the purpose of this grant, include anyone working, front or back of the house, in a bar, restaurant, cafe, brewery, a wine shop/ winery, or popup events dealing with food and beverage, food preparation, and foodservice.