Lowe’s-Home Improvement is offering $55 million in grants to help minority small businesses to keep them afloat and running. African-American businesses have been hit hard this period, and Lowe’s is doing something to help change that.

As a small businesses owner getting grants to help create financial opportunities for these businesses by providing them access to grants that will help them in navigating the challenges of running a small business in 2023. The grants are designed to be seamlessly accessed by registered business owners who need grants.

Lowe’s Small Business Grant Application

The grant is to primarily support small businesses that are historically underserved communities—especially those business establishments owned or run by women, minorities and underserved communities, who have experienced challenges in accessing business grants.

Here’s how the Lowe’s Grants of $20,000 are available to help rural small businesses meet their most urgent needs such as: 

  • Paying rent and utilities 
  • Meeting payroll 
  • Paying outstanding debt to vendors 
  • Upgrading technology infrastructure 
  • Other immediate operational costs 

How to Register for the Lowe’s Grant

There are a number of criteria that you have to meet for you to qualify for the Lowe’s grant. One of which is that you have to have a registered business, and one that is owned and run by an individual from a minority group, who may have experienced difficulties in access grants.