No doubt, the Internet has become a virtual networking medium and an essential tool in recent days. In the same way, starting an online business has become quite progressive in many ways. As technology grows the internet has well spread across the globe. Everyone in society is subjected to acquiring the internet through different devices as one of the basic needs. Research shows that the use of the internet grew high during the period of the pandemic.

This is because 50% of the workers were subjected to work from home to reduce the population in the work [place as one way of fighting coronavirus. Learning institutions were also closed where some learners could do the same where they connect to their tutor through the internet.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business does come with a lot of work and commitment. Whether you choose to go with one of the options from the ten ultimate online businesses you can start from home, or you choose to come up with your own unique idea. The outcome is still going to be almost the same, given the amount of work you put into it.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to starting your own online business. One of these factors will be funding. You have options when it comes to how to fund your online business. Good thing is, you would not need to be looking for venture capitalists or grant-issuing agencies to fund your dream or get you started.

With the use of the internet, we are able to send, receive, collect, store, update, delete and even edit the data at a given time. Basically, we are also able to connect with family and friends who are at the far end of the world.

Here are how I basically use the internet;

The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business
  1. To get informed. I use internet to seek any information across the globe in the real time. Information is vital to me and at a given time I seek to know more of certain information.
  • Communicate. Every day I need to pass my regards to friends, communicate to my family and even to report back to my boss at any given time. Although I am not around with them but with help of the internet I am able to get close with them and communicate effectively.
  • Telecommute in my work. Internet has really helped me to carry my office duties at any given time. I am able to plan ahead and make sure that everything work smoothly.
  • Business transactions. In this case I am able to transact with business entities across the globe. I am able to receive my wage through internet as well as paying my bills on the same.
  • File downloading. I use internet to acquire certain documents in the internet and downloading them for offline use and other uses of the same. Uploading the same or different document is also possible with use of internet.
  • Education. A number of hours I use internet to learn more about certain tools that accessible tome. For example, recently I have browsing to know how to the major parts of Panasonic camera and its uses during a live events.
  • Entertainment. Internet is more of fun. A lot of things happen there, whether music, movies, short dramas, live shows and comedy. I am a follower of some of these where I always get notification whenever there have uploaded a new item on their accounts. I find so peacefully to get entertain after a long day of work.
  • Social life. I find it very impressing and interesting to social with friends on social media. It is also an opportunity to make new friends by extending my connection not only in my region but also across the globe. In this case I able to exchange my culture with others in the entire world.
  • Group activities. As I mingle with people from different backgrounds, it becomes very possible for join any activity when need be. I have attended a number of meetings virtually through the use of internet.
  1. Live streaming. A lot events, functions are always streamed live through social media platforms. On the same not I have been able to engage my funs on different topics on a few live stream through my Facebook page.
The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business

Having discussed the different types of basic use of the internet, there is other more use of the internet regard as official or formal. These are the 9 top use of the internet across the globe that I participate in either direct or indirect:

  • Electronic mail. Email is one of the main tool of social media platforms that is mostly used by many offices to pass or receive certain information. It can be inform of videos, business communications documents, data files and photos. This means both the parties have to own email accounts and be the users at the same time.  In this case I have also been able to receive directions from my company and send back the feedback through the same channel.
  • File transfer protocol. This is the second use of internet that enables data exchange between two parties who are stakeholders who are able to exchange communication in a secure way. The data exchange can be between business entities and its customers and the information be from either party. Unlike the issue of email where a size of file is limited, the FTP allows download of large files in a secure way and can be done by mobile apps. The file can be sensitive or confidential and can be shared across public networks.
  • Search engines. This is another main tool that is commonly used to seek certain information that is already available in whichever saver across the globe. Google, Yahoo, are among the engines that are used to search certain information, however, in the recent case many are referring to use Word Google to ease the process as the generic verb synonymous to any search. This is the tool that I also use to file my research in a given time.
  • The e-commerce. This is the kind of business this is conducted online through internet. There are number of companies like Amazon, Jumia who sell the products online who aggregate several products or services available in the market and sell them to their customers through their portal. There are some policies that govern such businesses like ‘pay on delivery’. This means the item is dropped to the customer as he/she pays after receiving. In the recent days I was able to purchase digital screen through Jumia.
  • Online banking. Internet has speed almost all the human activities in the world. Initially in my country, people use to carry money to the bank in order to bank them, but by the use of internet we are able to bank whatever the amount at any given place at any time since internet services are available 24/7. A lot bills are also taken care of through the use of mobile services. Like for instance I pay all my bills through my phone and save every transaction as a receipt in case of any questions that may arise.
  • E-learning. In the internet all learning materials are always available at any given time unlike any other ordinary library. One can also take any course from any college in the world by connecting to the teacher through online and incase of any research project you are able to undertake on the same internet. This means you are able to access any learning material at any given server across the globe so long as the material is available in the internet. For my case I am able to join my classes virtually at a schedule time with my tutor.
  • Collaboration. People are able to collaborate by not commuting physically when need be. The chart tools like Skype, messenger, snap chart, zoom and teams and other video conferencing apps help in free business discussions as well as a work from home policy. This has help me save time and money by avoiding  unnecessary travelling since I am able to connect with people and offices at any given time across the globe.
  • Networking. Through social networking in the internet we are able to meet our interest in different topics whether politics, sports or businesses. Many group discussions are form in the internet who are able to inform, give ideas or views and to educate each other. Through social networking I am able to choose which way to go in terms of decision making.
  • Cashless transactions. There is decrease of people carrying cash at shopping centers since they are able to take care of any given payments by the use of debit cards, credit cards and UPI gateway. This has also help to swipe my card to pay for any purchase items especially at the supermarket.


Finally, the internet has really helped innovators to come up with various internet applications to govern daily human activities. Here are a few of the applications that I have across during my daily duties;

  • Tracking of vehicles by use of fleet management system
  • Health monitoring of a moving vehicle by a process known as telematics.
  • Monitoring children back at home from your working place through CCTVs.
  • Streaming live events online using different social media platforms.
  • Connecting several machines together.
  • Sharing content information through online TVs, web serial etc.
  • Autonomous and Driverless vehicle-5G networks at any given area.

Indeed, you can start a business and grow it successfully all online. If you have access to the right tools, such as a smartphone, a computer, or tablet, you can start today, and watch your business blossom in ways you never envisaged. Finding success online requires a lot of work, just like everything else. When you do your due diligence. you can definitely take your business from dream phase to an established business in no time at all.