When looking for the best home security cameras, one must take it seriously. Home security cameras are not decorative pieces that should be taken for granted, it is a part of a home that one can rely on in ensuring the safety and security of those who are living in the house.

Also, since the coronavirus pandemic struck the world, several households have opted to stay at home and only make purchases online. However, this also led to a higher number of recorded cases of stealing packages in front of the houses. Sometimes, home security cameras help during investigations of authorities, or in certain instances, the presence of a surveillance camera scares a thief from stealing.

Just like any other home equipment, there are a lot of considerations that one should take when buying home security cameras. And because there are a lot of home security cameras in the market, finding the perfect one for your homes can be quite difficult.

However, we made this list of some of the best home security cameras that you may buy on Amazon.

These home security cameras did not only pass our scrutiny, but also the standards set by customers online. Aside from this list, we will also provide some tips on how to install security cameras, ways on how to know what is the best security camera, and a lot more.

But first, our top three!

Top 3 best home security cameras

If you are in a hurry, you may view these top 3 picks of the best home security cameras. You can use these home security cameras in putting up the security camera system that you intend to have.

Wireless Security Camera System, Victure 1080P 8 Channel NVR [Top 1 in the home security cameras list]

This surveillance camera is considered one of the best home security cameras because of its functionality and video quality.

This product is easy to set up as it has a plug-and-play feature.

This may also serve as the perfect security camera system since it can work 24/7. As long as it is plugged into a power supply.

Also, this surveillance camera can accommodate the storage of up to 1 TB. This amount of storage can last for one and a half months.

The NVR system of this security camera system can be connected to other wireless security devices. This system has 8 channels which means it can support up to 8 cameras.

That is quite a lot considering its price of less than 200 US Dollars.

Also, it is compatible with windows & Mac, Pad, or Android, or iOS.

It is highly recommended by purchasers. One person who reviewed the product said, “This is a great little security system. I was happy to find that it was easier to set up and install than I thought it would be. I only used 4 screws total to install the cameras because I was able to find ways to make them stay in place securely without screwing them in.”

3MP Security Camera Outdoor, Dragon Touch 8CH NVR 4pcs Wireless Security Cameras System [Top 2 in the home security cameras list]

If you want to know what is the best security camera, then this product could be the answer. A lot of home security cameras can be considered as the best, however, this surveillance camera is proven to be durable and great for its value.

This surveillance camera has color night vision, human detection, and remote access. Aside from that, it is very durable as it is waterproof.

The captures images is also not an issue since it has the 3MP (2048 x 1536) HD outdoor cameras and 65ft infrared night vision.

It is also easy to install, so this means that you no longer have to make a fuss in knowing how to install security cameras.

If you are going to use a 1TB storage for this surveillance camera, it will give the affordance of viewing videos from 30 days ago.

What customers love about this product is the ease to install in their homes. One customer said, “Any security camera system is relatively complicated to set up with several wires and software to sift through for hours but with this security camera, it was not long before I was up and running.”

Blink Outdoor – wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera [Top 3 in the home security cameras list]

Some home security cameras just simply exceed expectations, and this one is simply one of those. This surveillance camera could be the newest addition to your planned security camera system.

Not only is this product wireless, but it also does not require a power outlet for it to work.

This product is wireless-battery powered so you can place it away from the usual spots that have power outlets. The battery that this camera comes along with can last up to two years. 

It works best at night because of its infrared night vision. Also, it can be placed outside the house since it is very durable. It can withstand rain or extreme heat, which also makes it a good buy.

An additional feature of this surveillance camera is its two-way audio features. 

Those who bought this product loved that it is wireless battery-operated. One customer said, “Overall, I’m impressed with the new Blink outdoor. It’s gonna rain here in Florida soon, so I’ll let you know how that goes as well as night shots when available.”

These home security cameras did not only pass our scrutiny, but also the standards set by customers online.

What is the best home security cameras? [Factors to consider]

There are several factors to consider in knowing what is the best security camera. These considerations include:

  1. video quality
  2. durability
  3. value
  4. functionality

Video quality

In terms of video quality, a buyer should look for home security cameras that record high-quality videos. You would not want the reason of the thief getting away with what they did just because the installed home security cameras in your house are not using a camera with high resolution.

This characteristic is one of the biggest considerations in knowing what is the best security camera for your home.


Part of understanding what is the best security camera is considering a product’s durability.

Home security cameras should be durable because most of the time these cameras are installed outside one’s home. The best home security cameras are those that can stand the test of time despite natural calamities or unwanted events.


Another consideration in knowing what is the best security camera is its value.

No one wants to feel stolen when purchasing any kind of product.

Although buying home security cameras would seem like an investment for your family’s safety and security, there are worthy investments and wasted investments.

That is why buyers should also consider the value of the home security cameras that they intend to buy.


In knowing what is the best security camera, a buyer should also look into the functionality of the surveillance camera.

This aspect of a surveillance camera would greatly depend on the purpose that a buyer has for the product.

What should be scrutinized in the home security cameras is the quality of the function that is greatly needed in the security camera system being put up.

What is the best security camera? [Types of surveillance cameras]

Aside from the different qualities of home security cameras, another way of knowing what is the best security camera is by understanding the different types of surveillance cameras to choose from.

For a security camera system to work, a buyer should also have a good grasp of what what is the best security camera.

Here are some of the types of home security cameras according to Johnson Controls:

  1. Box Style Security Camera
  2. Dome Camera
  3. PTZ Camera
  4. Bullet Camera
  5. IP Camera
  6. Day/Night Camera
  7. Thermal Camera
  8. Wireless IP Camera

Depending on the purpose of the security camera system, each of these home security cameras has features that may be suitable.

Other best home security cameras

After understanding the factors to consider on what is the best security camera, here are other surveillance cameras that you may choose from:

Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless, Solar Battery Powered by REOLINK Digital

This product is one of those home security cameras that excel in terms of video quality.

Another product in the list of the best home security cameras is this one that goes beyond what is expected. Aside from being a great addition to your home security camera system, it is also easy to install. You no longer have to go through those complicated “How to install security cameras manuals.”

What is good about this surveillance camera is that it is solar-powered. This means that there should be no need for a power outlet.

Another enjoyed feature of this product is that it works with Google Assistant. It can automatically show certain portions of the home or backyard where the camera is placed.

Also, it has two-way audio which means that you can communicate with other people through this wireless security camera.

According to those who bought the product, installing it was not an issue at all. One purchaser who had hesitations about wireless security cameras changed his perspective after buying this product. The customer shared, “Have never had a Reolink camera before, and many of these wifi cameras can be a nightmare and a waste of money! This camera though was easy to set up and has worked great! The solar keeps the battery charged and has had no problems with dropping wifi or phone app not working. Will definitely buy another!”

Security Camera Outdoor Conico 1080P WiFi Home Surveillance Camera

Part of knowing what is the best security camera is considering the value of a product. Being one of the home security cameras with an affordable price, this surveillance camera is indeed one with great value. It works great and is considered a user-friendly security camera system.

One of the features of this security camera system is that it can tilt and pan. Unlike other security cameras that do not move when placed, this wireless security cam can do so. It can also detect motion and is proven to be weatherproof. Whether it is freezing outside or it is extremely hot, this security camera system will still work fine.

This product also works with Alexa.

According to the patrons of this product, they admire how they can get so much at a lower price. One customer said, ” I have to say that in general, they make a very good camera for the money.” Another customer shared, “This camera is great! It came with everything needed to set it up (even the ethernet cable if were hard-wiring the connection).”

HeimVision HM241 Wireless Security Camera System

One of the good features of this home security camera is its video quality. Since a lot of households consider video quality in knowing what is the best security camera, this product can be the perfect answer.

This wireless security camera has a plug-and-play feature. That is despite having eight available channels that a household can use.

This surveillance camera is also weatherproof.

The quality of images captured through this security camera system is superb since it has HD live video that ensures smooth footage day and night. At night, it utilizes its 65 ft night vision.

What is nice about this product is that videos can also be viewed through one’s mobile phone, as long as they are connected to the Wi-Fi.

Customers applauded this product for its easy installment and good video quality, “HD live video, ensures smooth footage day and night with 2MP security cameras.”

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

For a home security camera to be shortlisted in the list of the best home security cameras, it has to be durable. According to the buyers of this security camera system, its durability is commendable. A customer said, “As for the battery life, it has been in for a couple of weeks and it has lost about 10% battery. So I’m guessing it will last about 3 months before it needs a charge. I just ordered a second battery which should double that battery life.”

Also, it is available in two colors, so if you are looking for a perfect surveillance camera that would match the wall, you may choose this brand.

It has a quick-release rechargeable battery pack so it no longer needs a power supply close to it.

It uses 1080 HD video and infrared night vision.

For those who are looking for home security cameras that are easy to put up, this surveillance camera is just what you are looking for. It is wireless and is solar-powered.

Aside from being able to tilt and pan, this security camera system also has an optical zoom.

It also uses Smart PIR Motion Detection technology which allows it to be activated once it detects motion. The sensor works up to 18 feet.

Its weatherproof rating is IP 65. This means that it can resist rain and dust.

This product is the perfect outdoor security camera system because of these features.

One customer who rated this product with 5/5 on Amazon said, “No need for any wires as the cam is wireless and no power required. Even if the sun is not there you can detach the solar cell charge it and put it back. Easy to charge.”

Security Camera Outdoor, Voger 360°

Some of the home security cameras available in the market only meet at least two of the characteristics listed in this article’s section of “What is the best security camera.” However, this surveillance camera is an exception. This home security camera is considered one of the best home security cameras because it has good video quality, durable, cheap, and has great functionality.

According to customers, buying one was a great steal, “Camera works really well! Day time, Nighttime, motion detection, two-way communication. The video feed is nice and sharp.”

How to install security cameras?

According to Swann, knowing how to install security cameras start with planning.

In doing so, one must first be able to identify where to place the surveillance cameras.

Here are some of the simple steps on how to install security cameras:

  1. Choose the perfect place for your home security cameras.
  2. Keep it out of reach.
  3. Secure its location
  4. Test and view the videos taken by the surveillance cameras

Some of the considerations that users should take note of are:


After going through the process of how to install security cameras, you would not want to see that your efforts are just put in vain after realizing that the videos taken were backlighted.

Privacy implications

Just ensure that the surveillance camera that you will be using and the place that it will be set up adheres to the laws.

This consideration particularly applies to surveillance cameras placed outside of your homes.

Wi-Fi connection

Part of knowing how to install security cameras is ensuring that there are a strong internet connection and source of electricity in the place where the surveillance cameras will be placed.

Especially if you are going to put up a wireless security camera then, a strong internet connection is a must.


There are a lot of home security cameras in the market, finding the perfect one for your homes can be quite difficult.

However, choosing the perfect security camera system for your home can be a challenge. However, valuing one’s safety and security is also important.