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$20,000 Grants for Women-Owned Small Businesses in Rural Communities

Grant Description

Business grants for women are constantly being searched for online. Women who own businesses and are located in rural areas may experience a more stringent negative impact on their businesses due to a number of factors. If you happen to be part of the Black women-owned businesses, then there are even more challenges and hoops to jump over.

Though there are a number of funding options such as the Black-owned business grants, such as the $35,000 technology and startup grant programs, the $15,000 minority entrepreneurial minority grant, there are still countless challenges that face Black-owned businesses today!

In light of the foregoing, is committed to bridging the gap in funding options for African-Americans businesses and those who are starting one. Grants of up to $20,000 to USA businesses in rural communities for financial assistance during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis.

Grants for Women

Grants that are tailored toward meeting women’s needs come with their challenges when applying for these grants. Little wonder the search index for business grants for women are constantly on the rise. Women-owned business grants are part of what we are committed to connecting the community with, to ensure that funding opportunities are open to all.

Funding is intended to support small businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic, particularly those in underserved communities, including entrepreneurs of color, women- and veteran-owned businesses that often lack access to flexible, affordable capital. Grant funds may be used for immediate operational costs, including rent and utilities, payroll, and outstanding debt to vendors.

LISC is inviting small business owners in rural locations across the country to apply for the LISC-Lowe’s Rural Relief Small Business Grants program.

,000 Grants for Women-Owned Small Businesses in Rural Communities
An African-American Woman working on her home-based business from home –

Small Business Grants for Women

There are a number of grants that businesswomen can apply for. We have taken our time to outline some of these grants for you below. For you to be able to qualify for some of the funding opportunities for businesses, you would have to have a registered business. This is one of the lists of eligibility criteria that you have to meet in order to be considered for a business grant for women.

There are a number of other factors that you also have to ensure you have covered for you to be able to get your business grants awarded to your business. However, one of the big ones’ bears in mind is that you have to have a detailed business plan. You can have a business that runs at an office location, or you may have started a home-based business from the comfort of your own home in 2023.

3 Type of Business Grants for Women

Government Grants for Women – This form of grant is one that you are most likely to have come across when it comes to finding opportunities for female-owned businesses. One of the big ones out there for grants is the website. This is a government website that gives you access to grants that the government offers for business owners.

Agency Grants for women who own their businesses – This grant is usually grants that are provided by agencies to help women start a business or grow one. There are a ton of different agencies out there that provide business funding opportunities for women. One of these agencies that women go to for funding for their business is the Amber Grants Foundation.

Nonprofit Grants for Women — There are nonprofit organizations that also offer women opportunities to fund their businesses. These organizations are vested in the growth of women, and provide funding in form of grants and other business opportunities to help women realize their dream. This is helpful for women who are looking to start their business and have no idea where to start.

It is important to have the necessary information that you need to start your business. Some of the things that may come to mind are the following:

  • Business name — Think of a unique business name to apply
  • Register your business – Make it official
  • Marketing – Reaching out to those who need your goods and services
  • Keeping records – This is important for many reasons, taxed, etc
  • Growing your business- Applying for grants and other opportunities

For more business information and documents you may need, click here.

,000 Grants for Women-Owned Small Businesses in Rural Communities

Grant Eligibility

Only small businesses located in rural communities are eligible at this time. Rural communities are defined as having a population of 50,000 or less. A community is defined as the city/town/village where your business address is located. If the business is mobile (a food truck, fishing boat, rideshare driver, etc) please use the address where your vehicle is stored during non-business hours.

Non-profit organizations are ineligible for the relief funding program at this time, but maybe eligible for later rounds of funding.

Grant Application

The process of applying for a grant can be multi-faceted, but knowing just how to go about the grant process and applying successfully is key to getting awarded for these grants. is committed to helping individuals start their own business, and small businesses access grants to help grow their business to their desired heights. If you would like to help with where to start with applying for a grant, click here to contact us.

Applications are being accepted in “rounds”. You must submit a new application for each round in order to be considered for funding in that round. Below are the dates of upcoming rounds:

– January 26 – February 2, 2023

,000 Grants for Women-Owned Small Businesses in Rural Communities