If you’re in the middle of your education and you’re looking to apply for some grants, the federal government is a great place to begin. Your first step is to make a visit to their website. Once there you can then search under your specific parameters, or several, to pinpoint opportunities, like for minority students. Also make sure to sign up for notification, as you never know what might pop up while you’re away.

Your first step should be to go to the federal governments website, grants.gov. This site is a one-stop shop for all things grants. You can find grants categorized in an extensive database. What you have to be aware of here is that skill with searching will land you the best discoveries and possibilities.

minority students in collegeThough there are other parameters you can search, you’ll probably want to begin by searching by keyword; “African American Students”, for example. When you find a grant or scholarship that is even remotely interesting, make sure to write down its Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number. With this number, you can track down the grant in the system without having to remember any of its particulars or even its name.

Make sure of one thing on this site: sign up for instant notification when particular grants become available. This is done on the website by choosing a particular opportunity number category and then having all grants that arrive under that category to be e-mailed to you. Keep in mind that categories cover an entire demographic that is being targeted by the particular grant. In this way you can sign up for notifications by race, gender, specialty, or even disability.

Now that you know a little about the grant search process, you’re probably less intimidated. First check the federal website. The next step is to check out the grants they have by searching their vast database under the demographics you’re interested in. Finally, sign up for any and all notifications that would interest you. Now get out there and finance your mind.