Grants to USA organizations for grassroots and community activities that promote social and economic justice. Funding is intended to address racial, religious, ethnic, and other forms of discrimination. Priority is given to organizations led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

There are two types of efforts the Fund supports:

  • Efforts that support emergent strategies that help communities respond to rapidly changing conditions. This includes resisting new or amplified threats and building power to move a proactive agenda.
  • Efforts seeking long-term social justice and economic justice in a political and social climate that seeks to dismantle such efforts.

Priority is given to applicants engaged in these activities:

  • Coalitions/Alliances*– multi-issue, multi-constituent alliances of social change groups led by and organized in communities of color
  • Mobilization– groups mobilizing people for protest and resistance
  • Organizing and Advocacy – groups engaged in organizing and advocacy, including: funding for public programs and services, creation of policies that protect our communities or defense against policies that harm our communities
  • Healing, Inspiration, and Liberation– groups that bring people of color together for cultural and mental liberation, the individual and intra-communal level work that prepares people to resist
  • Access for digital spaces and digital organizing, i.e. communication tools, or other tools to build digital resilience

Support is also given to white-led organizations that explicitly engage in racial justice work with other white people to help remove the burden of that anti-racism work from Black, Indigenous, and people of color organizers and communities.

Proposals can be ideas, collaborations, campaigns, or organizations, whether or not they are fully formed.