Gary Sinise Foundation grants financial assistance for disaster aid, preparation, and vital tools so that first responders can have enough equipment to work with.

Awards for skills and supplies are granted to departments that obtain the Gary Sinise Foundation First Responder Grant Program. Awards are only available to police departments, fire, and paramedic or emergency medical services departments.

Gary Sinise has been an activist for America’s servicemen and women for more than thirty years. It started in the early 1980s with his assistance to Vietnam service members and proceeded into the 1990s with his assistance for the Disabled American Veterans organization, which raises money and awareness for injured service personnel.

Ever since the 9/11 attacks, his commitment to people who defend the nation has transformed into a never-ending campaign of service and appreciation.

Eligibility Requirements for Gary Sinise Foundation Grant

  • Grants are only available to law enforcement, firefighting, ambulance service, or emergency medical services agencies.
  • Grant requests are only accepted for skills and supplies.
  • This award does not cover construction or operational expenses.
  • Departments that obtain grants are prohibited from reapplication for another award for a year.
  • Departments that obtained COVID PPE grants in 2020 are encouraged to reapply as soon as possible. The one-year waiting time does not apply to these grants.
  • All the above-mentioned First Responder Departments are able to qualify to apply for grants. The Gary Sinise Foundation First Responder Outreach Department, on the other hand, tends to favor volunteer, low-income, and poorly funded departments.
  • Fire departments that receive grants for turnout gear might very well receive Gary Sinise Foundation “Donated By” patches to add to their coats at no cost.

How to Apply for a Grant from the Gary Sinise Foundation

There is currently no information describing how to apply for this grant. However, if you intend to apply, ensure that you visit the grant website. Please keep in mind that Grant applications are acknowledged on a continuous basis.


Sinise founded the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2011 to supplement his personal attempts. The Gary Sinise Foundation honors ex-servicemen, first responders, their households, as well as those in need. Gary Sinise Foundation grants help to provide funds for relief efforts, education, and other necessary tools so that first responders could perform to the best of their abilities.