Students who are first-generation higher education learners and whose parents or guardians do not possess a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the First-Generation Scholarship. This is a need-based state/institutional scholarship for undergraduate students attending Florida public education institutions.

Participants should be Florida residents, U.S. citizens, or able to qualify non-citizens with no prior bachelor’s degree. Access to Opportunities and FASFA allows First Generation students to apply for numerous First Generation Matching Grants.

You will be considered if you complete the overall A2O or FASFA application and afterward the general First Generation Matching Grant application. Participants will be alerted when they have been chosen for a First Generation Matching Grant through the use of email by the conclusion of the spring semester.

The successful applicants will receive an award, which will be displayed on their Summary. Students must also wrap up the post-acceptance procedure via A2O.

The higher educational institution must select qualified candidates according to their financial needs, calculate the award amount for every beneficiary, as well as inform every student of the grant. Every term, the higher educational institution will distribute grants to students who are eligible. Summer semester grants are not presently available.

Eligibility Criteria for the First Generation Matching Grant

  • You must be a Florida resident, a U.S. citizen, or a qualified non-citizen. The tertiary education institution determines a student’s residency as well as citizenship standing. Queries about this standing must be aimed at the financial assistance or admittance office of the educational establishment the student intends to attend.
  • Avoid being in debt or in default at all under the state or federal grant, loan, or scholarship fund except if acceptable reimbursement agreements have been created.
  • You must not have earlier obtained a bachelor’s degree.
  • You must be a first-generation college student. A student is deemed “first generation” when neither of his or her parents has a bachelor’s degree or higher. A participant who lived with and was supported just by one parent who did not obtain a bachelor’s degree would also be able to qualify.
  • Have managed to meet the qualifying conditions for the Florida Public Student Assistance Grant in section 1009.50 of the Florida Statutes by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

How to Apply for First Generation Matching Grant

Below are the procedures to apply for the First Generation Matching Grant.

  1. Fill out the FAFSA

By submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will be acknowledged for federal, state, as well as university financial aid programs. So many details can be accessed on your school’s FAFSA page.

  1. Look for scholarships

Look for scholarships that match your current situation as well as your educational goals for the future. Visit your academic institution’s Scholarships page for more information. Ensure you satisfy the overall qualifying conditions prior to applying for any kind of financial support.

  1. Determine the cost of attending college and begin planning

College preparation begins long before your 1st semester begins. To get started, visit the cost of attendance page of your school or even your school’s net price calculator.

  1. Examine your to-do list

The To-Do List includes tasks that you might be required to wrap up for the Office of Student Financial Assistance or other financial assistance offices in your academic institution. Participants who received financial assistance should inspect their To-Do List in the College on a routine basis.

  1. Verify everything

Following the submission of your FAFSA, you need to upload relevant documentation in order to qualify for aid; this is known as verification. On the student’s To-Do List, the paperwork needed to finish the approval process is enumerated.

  1. Get a Financial Aid Overview

In early March, most institutions of higher learning start alerting new students as well as transfer students of their projected financial aid packages. Continuing students will be notified via email beginning in late March. All alerts will be delivered to your email, so make certain to check them frequently.


The First Generation Matching Grant Program (FGMG) is a need-based assistance program open to degree-seeking, resident undergraduate students, who have demonstrated significant economic need and are enlisted in qualified participating higher education institutions.

Eligible students are expected to have a parent or parents who do not possess a bachelor’s degree or higher degree. It should be noted that it is a state government grant rather than a private scholarship.