African American grants and college scholarships are available in most campuses.  Colleges are designed not only to educate students with theories from books but to expose them to different cultures, socio-economic statuses, backgrounds and experiences.

This is one good reason why there are lots of campuses that offer financial aid to minorities. African Americans can benefit from numerous grants and help diversify campuses in America. There are even specific grants for blacks. 

English-Speaking Union offers full junior year scholarship at a British university. This scholarship is available for students who are attending any historically African-American institutions.

Howard or Hampton Universities are also recognized. An applicant may choose the university he or she wishes to attend. Students must submit their applications to their own institutions and not directly to the English-Speaking Union.

The Gates Millennium Scholars or GMS, is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It was established in 1999 to give better opportunities to outstanding African American and other cultural minorities and help them attain undergraduate college education in any discipline.

GMS also provides graduate education grants to students studying Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering and Education or Library Science.

Ron Brown Scholarship Program is a scholarship given to African American in senior high school who aims to enroll in a four-year college degree in the United States. Any aspiring applicants must be a US citizen or a holder of a permanent resident visa.

Moreover, applicants are required to have an excellent academic record and have exhibited leadership ability. They must render time participating in community service activities, and most importantly, applicants must belong to a low-income family. To apply, students must submit two essays, two letters of recommendation, transcript and a list of honors and activities.

These are only a few of the many African American Grants available in the country. Being part of a cultural minority should not impede one’s goal to attain a higher education.