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Facebook Black-Owned Business Grant: Full Application Guide

The social media giant, Facebook has opened up grants for Black-business owners to be able to access Facebook’s grants for Black-owned businesses when it announced its support for black-owned businesses by doubling its initial $100 million grants in June of 2020.

The applications for these grants have now been open for months. African American Grants has now updated the information for business owners who are interested in accessing this grants.

Facebook Black-Owned Business Grants Overview

Applying for the Facebook Business Grant is a very simple application. What you have to first make sure is that you business qualify for these grants before you proceed to applying for them.

Facebook has listed its criteria and other guiding information to help you determine your eligibility before spending time applying. This is very helpful in terms of creating some type of backup to help you through all of the application details that are required from you.

Applying for Facebook Black-Owned Business Grants in 2023

To apply for Facebook Black-owned business grants, you first have to make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria set for businesses:

  • Majority Black-Owned
  • Must be at least 51% Black-owned
  • Business owner must be above the age of 18
  • The business should be for-profit
  • Be legally registered within the US (excluding US territories)
  • The employees should be between one and 50 people
  • The business should have been in operation for at least one year
  • Have been impacted by COVID-19
  • Meet other stipulated business criteria

When you meet the above-stated criteria, you are able to apply for the Facebook black-owened business grants by simply clicking the link below: