The Office of Children and Family Services has been granted the privilege of administering the Essential Worker Scholarship grant to help courageous people who served during the disease outbreak.

Because of the number of proposals filed on its platform, it reached its funding limit quickly and will no longer be accepting new applications. The OCFS provided scholarships to nearly 36,000 children over the course of a 12-week period.

The federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act as well as the American Rescue Plan Act focus on providing innovative assets to assist the childcare market as well as working-class people.

Childcare costs would be supported for essential workers whose earnings are less than 300 percent of the federal poverty level, and they will be compensated up to the market price for kids aged 6 weeks to twelve years within every region statewide.

Households who are presently obtaining childcare subsidies underneath the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act are invited to apply for this additional funding option as well.

Eligibility Requirements for Essential Workers Grant Application

You are able to qualify if you respond positively to the following questions:

  • I live in the state of New York.
  • In New York State, my or my co-job candidate is categorized as an Essential Worker.
  • My yearly family revenue is below the maximum determined by the size of my family.
  • There aren’t any other parents or lawfully accountable adults (age 21 and up) available to start caring for my children while I am at work.
  • My child (ren) is a US citizen or has Satisfactory Immigration Status in the United States.
  • My child (ren) is: below 6 weeks old or older, under the age of 19, and psychologically or emotionally incapable of caring for themselves or under supervised probation.
  • My care provider is a licensed/registered/permitted facility in New York State.

How to Apply for Essential Workers Grant

  1. Please visit the OCFS webpage at
  2. Select the ‘Apply Now’ icon.
  3. The application will prompt you to sign in with your NY.GOV login and password OR establish an account by tapping ‘Don’t have an Account?’
  4. If you don’t have an Account, you will be prompted to choose an Account type. Choose ‘Personal’.
  5. ‘Sign Up for a Personal ID’ will appear.
  6. Fill out the Self Registration form.
  7. You will get an email confirming your information; click Continue.
  8. You will be notified that an authentication email has been forwarded to your account – click Finish.
  9. Check your inbox! An email will be sent by
  10. You’ll receive a link in the email’s body instructing you to ‘Click Here’ to unlock your account.
  11. Choose three mystery questions to serve as backup protection in the event you forget your passcode later. When you’re finished, click Continue.
  12. Make a password and then click Continue.
  13. To come back to the OCFS Public website, click here.


After submitting your application form, you will be notified of the scholarship’s condition. If you do not satisfy any of the criteria listed above, your request will be rejected and labeled Disqualified. If you believe this choice was reached in confusion, your situations have changed, or you supplied incorrect information, you may reapply.

If you satisfy all the eligibility rules, your request will be accepted and you will be able to qualify for the scholarship. Your child’s caretaker will receive a follow-up email with instructions on how to sign up and begin the weekly certification program.