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DigitalUndivided Creates an Economic Pathway for Black Women Entrepreneurs Impacted by COVID-19

DigitalUndivided (DID) is an inclusive, passionate agency that offers various opportunities for minority small business owners. The organization was founded in 2012 by tech pioneer and CEO, Kathryn Finney. This agency is focused on increase economic growth in Black and Latinx communities.

Digital Undivided is focused on empowering entrepreneurs impacted by COVID-19. Since the inception of Digital Undivided, the agency has helped over 500 Black female entrepreneurs by making an immediate micro-investment into their business and helping them grow with access to grants and other business funding opportunities.

Supporting Black Women Businesses

DigitalUndivided has supported over 1,500 Black women with grants to help sustain their business during these unprecedented times. believes that Black women know what’s best for them and their business this micro-investment that DigitalUndivided allows them “to stay in the arena” during the crisis, and more specifically the pandemic.

Finney’s DigitalUndivided’s founder’s vision is to create a world where women take charge of their work. Her sole mission is to create system change by catalyzing economic growth for Black and Latinx communities through women entrepreneurs. This mission is one that she works hard to make it a reality for Black-women looking to start their own businesses.

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