The Administration for Community Living (ACL) gets allocated grant funding from Congress funds to support ACL programs. The ACL in turn provides the funds to support community living through a number of community programs of programs. ACL, in turn, provides the funding to different other community-based programs in the region.

If you have a community-based program that is set up to help provide essential services to members of the community, then you are eligible for this grant. The program focuses on helping bridge the gap between community members and programs that are available to them. Programs that help enhance education and skill-building skills can help take members of the community from one point to the other.

Community building skill development can range from afterschool programs to y0outh empowerment programs to food kitchens, daycare services, and employee development programs. These services go a long way to help create an empowered community through the services that are made available by the men and women who run these community programs.

If you have a registered program that aims at providing these services to members of the public, you should apply to get the grants that you need to help you run the programs in your organization. If you are yet to register your organization, you can source funding to help you offset the costs of registration, providing services that you need to help grow your program.