COVID-19 which started in China in the year 2019 has hardly hit almost every country in the world. This has caused a lot of trouble in the business world where many businesses were shut down. Since life must move on, it is a matter of survival for the fittest you need at least something in order to earn a living.

If you are wondering what business can help you earn a living during this pandemic, then this article is here to analyze 15 business ideas that can work best. The choice is yours depending on the market as per the state you live in.

Although the corona vaccine is restoring back normalcy, many people are now thinking of the business that can survive during the post-pandemic world. This detects that the world is also adapting to these businesses in case of a future crisis. These businesses are not only run by business people whose businesses were shut down due to the pandemic but also professionals who lost their job due to the pandemic.

The business ideas are discussed below:

  • Remote coordinating company. This an opportunity that was created when the companies were asked to impose the policy of work from home. 50% of the employees were only allowed to work at the job station while the rest to remain at home and work from there. In this case the companies are looking for remote industry that can help in strengthening remote team building as well planning retreats for the company.

As an industry, you can help the company host live sessions to bring all the employees together even in a non-physical situation. You can also do this by creating activity kits where you can shift them to the employee’s door to door or online. This is a high chance if as an industry you can facilitate this demand.

  • Internet Management Company. Technology is growing day by day where some companies are buying the idea of making sales through the internet. This a tool that is well working for many business during the pandemic. This means companies are looking for individuals to manage and help them in the world of marketing. As business minded person you have a chance of creating a professional profile that can attract companies that are looking for internet managers.

On the other hand, many small business owners don’t have any idea of how to go about the business on social platforms. So having a professional profile will help you sign a contract with them as their manager this is by launching a social media management company. In this case, you will be able to sign a contract for several companies.

After launching your company market yourself by reaching out to companies that have little information about the social media market. Mention the platforms that are mostly used in business marketing like; Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. These platforms can help the business gain more engagements as you interact more with the followers and hence some sales are achieved.

  • Online Food Company. Everybody need to drink and eat more unique foods. If you are good and this, then are good to launch your company. This can be more achieved by exploring more types of foods. This way you are to offer your services in two ways. First you can create videos that have recipes on these food can be prepared at home. These videos can be sold to individuals or can be uploaded to YouTube channel.

On the other hand, you can cook the food and do some home deliveries since there are those who want to save their energy and time by buying readymade food. So you can as well launch your company since you may need some more staff to help you in the process. As the business grows, you can as well expand your business by having a physical place where you can offer these services.

Note that some people may prefer visiting your physical location to gain in-person experience. This makes them feel comfortable and lively.

To achieve this idea you need to be more creative and flexible. This means you are comfortable in offering online classes, in-person teachings, and creating films to be uploaded on social media. Make sure to interact more with local distributors since they are people who can help you build your brand.

  • Online reselling company. This an opportunity that may go even beyond the pandemic period. In this case you can start a company that deal with reselling items. This can be done by buying the item direct from the user then find a new customer to buy it. Alternatively, you can find a customer for the seller then earn a commission from it.

Generally, your company will be dealing with items they are no longer used or not needed by their owners. Whereas the items are still in good condition.

As the business grows to grow, you can as well source the same items from repeat buyers who have the items. This is an e-commerce trend that growing faster in the world where the business process can be completed in the comfort of your home. So having a professional account will help gain more clients who can trust you for their items.

  • Consulting company. This is a great opportunity with people who have knowledge about consulting services. First you need to understand how the pandemic has greatly impacted the business in the world and in your own region. This way you will be able to evaluate the best ways to deal with business in certain locations. This is by having a consulting firm where business people can seek advice from. This services has got an option of doing it virtually by offering your professional insights and giving those correct guidelines as you help in analyzing the market.

Consider exploring new ways a business can adapt and survive during the pandemic. It is all about thinking beyond a professional. You can research how businesses are surviving during this period to gain some more information, about their new work environment in gaining business stability.

  • Social media marketing agency. A lot of business are taking it to social media where many companies are looking for agencies who can help them in making their companies stands their competitors online.

Some business owners are ever busy that they can have no time to market their business on social media. Whereas in the current trend many customers are always on their devices looking for what is new on social media. This means businesses need to be updated every now and then for better reach.

In this case, having a digital marketing firm can help your firm sign a contract with these clients. Your firm should include services like; content strategy, SEO services, social media, paid advertisement services, business analytics, web designing, and consulting.

Before launching your firm, make sure to have a background in social media marketing.]

  • Graphic designing company. Since business is getting to online, companies want to have an attractive look. Most of these companies have knowledge in graphic design and hence the need of designing experts to look more professional. For a business to continue in today’s digital world, they need an eye catching logos, event graphics materials and good looking marketing tools.

So as an expert you need to launch a firm to help these companies own a professional look especially at different social media platforms.

  • App Developer Company. This is a professional skills that are on high demand especially during this pandemic where many companies caught up. This a good deal as expert to help business companies grow and conduct business online.

Having App developed materials on the phones can help grow business in a comfortable way.

As an entrepreneur with app developer skills, you can capitalize on setting up a firm that can offer these services.

As an app developer, you should be able to conduct new ways companies can keep their running online. This is a way that has helped a lot of businesses to adopt the digital way of business during this pandemic.

Research indicates that nearly 90% of American residents spend their time on their devices online using mobile application apps. In this case, about $800 billion in revenue was generated by 2023.

Services like online shopping, delivery services are in high demand and are expected to grow beyond the pandemic.

  • Delivery Company. During the pandemic, due move restrictions many people adopted home delivery service. This means citizen are getting use of it and the services will last even after the pandemic.

You can launch your firm by working together with some local business company who will take orders for a consumer and let you deliver for them.

Services that rose high during the pandemic were meal products, groceries, pharmaceutical goods, and other miscellaneous commodities.

To carry out this business consider products and services that are not delivered by mainstreams services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates.

  • Fitness and Wellness Company. Due to stay at home policy, many people could not maintain good health hence the need of exercise. They need a motivation to work on their wellness and fitness. In this case if you have a background knowledge on health, you can a company that guides them to stay healthy.

You can achieve this by creating simple blogs and articles that can guide their work for their health back at home.

This is a broad business that you need to focus on various parts of a lifestyle. You need to talk about healthy food, exercise, drinks to improve your living style. So it’s all about healthy habits.

You can do the film of exercise, meditating, stretching, and cooking. Once you are done editing, add some cool music and upload it on your social media platforms.

  • Cleaning company. Since the pandemic commercial cleaning services are on high demand especially at office buildings and hospitals. This because many required professional cleaning so as to disinfect there areas due to corona virus. This business is expected to grow even beyond 2025.

It is a simple business that requires little knowledge to be launched, however, you can do it beyond the professional way.

  • Remote improvement contracting company. The business is highly demand back at home. Due to stay at home or work from home policy, many workers have taken it reasonable improve their premises so as to create a conducive environment to keep on working. This is by renovating their homes or adding some spaces to their homes for children to study in a conducive environment.
  • Accounting company. Small business owners are yet to track their finance records during this pandemic. They want to work on their tight budgets to keep the business running hence the need of accounting firm.

So if you are a certified public accountant, then this is an opportunity for you to grab and launch your accounting firm.

  • Online teaching company. Although student are getting back to schools as the pandemic ceased, many parents are yet keep their children learning from home.

You need to create a professional profile of your company and indicate the subjects you are dealing with as well as indicating age group.

You can create virtual tutorials that deal with either students getting ready for SAT or ACT, or for college students who are finalizing their studies.

  • Box subscription industry. This is a business that was discovered and rose during the pandemic.

Here you only need to be more creative as you study the market. You will need to offer your services as per your audience’s demand.

These forms can include; beauty product kits, puzzle/storytelling experience, meal prep, day out, and family fun activities. All these you do on behalf of your client.

NB before starting any of these businesses consider consulting a professional expert who can give you advice based on your current situation. This is by mentoring you and preparing you for business challenges and achievements.