Black Farmer Fund is a grant program that has been established to support Black farmers to access funding to start a farm or grow an existing one. The program connects farmers to resources that they can access to help them create a sustainable farming model that can both provide them a consistent sustainable income and help boost their productivity.

The Black Farmer Fund program provides low-interest community grants to Black farmers, herbalists, restaurant owners, caterers, food distributors, and other food-related products. This is a great program for those who are in the food space to be able to provide a sustainable support system to help grow food that serves their immediate community.

If you own your own farm and need grants to help you start a project that is aimed at providing sustainability, advancement, growth, or expansion, the Black Farmers Fund can help you make your dreams come true. The first step is determining what area of impact you would like to create. Get a well-laid out plan as to how you plan to accomplish this program and apply for the grant for your farming business.