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Best Mobile Business Ideas To Try

The best mobile business ideas are usually the unexpected ones.

Mobile business entrepreneurs can transport all of their needed tools and equipment in their vehicles while providing their services to customers at their homes, other locations, or right out of their cars.

Suppose you are a businessman and you have decided to venture on a new business journey. However, you hate the idea of being tied to a single location. In that case, a money-making mobile business may be the perfect fit for you. 

What is a mobile business? 

A mobile business is a unique money-making business that allows a businessman like you to hit the road. Also, you will be traveling to different locations to provide your products and services to your customers.

Best mobile business ideas 

If this unique money-making business and the new business idea sounds interesting to you, here are the 16 best mobile business ideas and 2023 innovative business ideas that a businessman or entrepreneur like you can explore further. 

Party Transportation [Top 1 in the Best mobile business ideas list]

One of the best mobile business ideas is a party transportation mobile business. A party bus transports partygoers from one location to another. 

Through this unique business and as one of the best mobile business ideas, you can have various clients. One of these include wedding guests needing transportation to the reception. You may also be driving birthday party guests to a particular game or concert. Also, you may drive any person who wants to party while on the way to a specific location.

You could also use your bus for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Money-making, innovative ideas and excellent business ideas such as this are some of the best mobile business ideas. It is a new business idea and a unique business to venture into nowadays. A 2023 business that suits the current situation since your services are limited to certain people only. 

Niche Food Truck [Top 2 in the Best mobile business ideas list]

Another addition to one of the best mobile business ideas is a niche food truck. 

You may have seen many food trucks for just about every type of food. However, some of the most successful ones are those food trucks with a specific food niche.

Any businessman or entrepreneur may try this 2023 business and new business idea. However, they must first ask themselves what specific type of food they are going to serve to the public.

Perhaps it is a type of food such as Mexican, Italian, Chinese, or Asian. It can also be specialty foods like vegetarian, desserts, snacks, or organic.

Try to assess and observe what might be the attractive options depending on your area or location. 

This is one of the best mobile business ideas and money-making 2023 business. A successful food truck can guarantee you a good income. 

What makes this a great business idea is that food never goes out of style and needs people. Hence, this is a unique business that you may want to venture into and invest in today. That is because it is one of today’s innovative ideas.

Cleaning Services [Top 3 in the Best mobile business ideas list]

Cleaning services is another excellent business idea and a new business idea that is quickly mobilized. Thus, it is one of the best mobile business ideas.

Cleaning services do not only mean cleaning houses. Although residential cleaning is a popular option, you can also clean offices or retail spaces. 

This service includes:

  • dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors in all rooms,
  • cleaning the bathrooms, including mirrors, toilets, showers, and baths, 
  • cleaning the kitchen, including wiping down appliances, counters, sinks, and cabinet doors
  • Washing and drying dishes and putting them away. 

Since this will be your money-making 2023 business, you can even specialize in a specific type of cleanings such as green cleaning or construction cleanup. 

You can even include event cleanup in one of your services, where you might clean up after a concert or other public event. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas today, cleaning services have many types. Another cleaning that you can offer is a commercial cleaning niche. 

That is composed chiefly of janitorial services, carpet, and window cleaning services. 

Businesses and industrial buildings employ these cleaning services. Commercial cleaning niche businesses also provide a more comprehensive range of services than those in the consumer cleaning industry. 

On the other hand, the consumer cleaning niche consists of residential maid cleaning services. This services offer carpet cleaning services and window cleaning services.

Money-making 2023 businesses and innovative ideas like these also provide other periodical cleaning services such as laundry and dry cleaning. 

Moving Services

With a truck, some muscle, and a second set of hands, you can start a moving company. 

This type of business is one of the best mobile business ideas that do not require any special equipment. You only need a space to park your truck when it is not in use. 

This money-making 2023 business and great business idea, if successful, will only take a second truck to expand. Also, it might only need a few more helpers. Plus, startup costs for innovative ideas like these are meager. Also the need for these services is usually high. That is because it makes this one of the best mobile business ideas and a new business idea. 

Aside from these money-making perks for people in business and entrepreneurs, there are also many benefits of hiring professional movers for both long-distance and local moves. 

There is no one better for the job than a well-experienced moving company when it comes to packing and moving. 

Many things also go along with moving, like packing, moving, storing, and more. This money-making 2023 business can only be expensive if a businessman or entrepreneur does not carefully plan things out. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas, this unique business has benefits that include packaging your things and handling those with care. Quality packing materials are being used to protect your possessions and significantly reduce the possibility of lost, broken, and left behind items. 


One of the best mobile business ideas for a businessman or entrepreneur is catering services. 

It is a great mobile business for an exceptional cook and likes to prepare food for people’s special events and occasions. This new business idea is a great business idea because people want to throw events. 

Innovative ideas like this money-making 2023 business are responsible for those events, specially made for people who do not want to be too stressed out with handling events. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas for an entrepreneur and a businessman, catering services coordinate the preparation, creation, delivery, and presentation of food for clients. 

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur, there are three main types of catering services that you can venture into nowadays. 

Mobile or delivery catering is a type of event catering that often comes in a food truck, food cart, or delivery service. This unique business is usually less expensive and less involved. 

On the other hand, hotel or restaurant caterers are the catering service types that act as the middleman between the kitchen staff and client when planning an in-house event. 

The third type of catering is private full-service catering. Innovative ideas like this are independently owned and operated businesses. Also, this type of catering service is often responsible for all aspects of event planning. 


A lot of people are not capable of fixing or repairing items in their homes.

That can be because of time, disabilities, or simply because they do not know-how. So, hiring someone to fix those things comes in handy. Hence, a great business idea and innovative ideas are handyman services.

Usually, these jack of all trades is suited for repairs of items in and around houses. They fix stuff such as sliding doors, new appliance installation, minor plumbing fixes like unclogging pipes or replacing a line under a sink, patching a hole in a wall, hanging shelves, or other smaller tasks. 

Handypersons do not work on major home repairs such as major plumbing or electrical work. That is usually because of licensing requirements by states for people that do any major home repairs. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas and a new business idea, this money-making 2023 business has many types that a businessman or entrepreneur like you can look into already. 

Types of handyman services are drywall installation, fixture replacements, smart home upgrade installation, painting for the interior and exterior, power washing, tile installation, window repair, and minor appliance repair. 


If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur who has experience in a specific subject area and loves teaching others, a mobile business as a private tutor may be for you. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas and a great business idea is that you can control how much you work and when you are available. 

After-school hours and evenings are more popular if you are tutoring children, making it perfect for additional income. 

Innovative ideas like these are considered to be a tremendous money-making unique business. It is a low investment new business idea with high profit. 

The important thing when you venture into this is that you are confident that you will be able to connect and communicate with your students to help them learn. 

You should also have excellent knowledge in the area that you wish to tutor in. With this best mobile business idea, you can tutor in multiple disciplines, depending on your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Then, you can choose and pick your desired subject to teach. 

The location at which your tutor will be is the key to attracting clients. After all, parents will want to make sure that their children are safe. 

Auto detailing

A mobile auto detailing business allows a person in business or an entrepreneur to bring the equipment right to your customers’ cars, wash and clean their vehicles while working, watch a football game, or do something else that requires their attention. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas and a great business idea, car detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning the car’s interior and exterior. 

Usually, the detailing work is bundled into packages, in which each cost varies. The most cost-effective choices come from local car washes, while dedicated detail companies have more options at a higher price. 

The most basic option or package includes an exterior wash and wax, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and surface polishing. 

This money-making 2023 business idea and new business idea is a time-server for busy people, often making it an easy sell. 

If you are willing to spend more, auto detailing companies also offer paint touch-ups, synthetic paint sealant, undercoating for wheel wells, engine washes, and even mold removal for your air conditioner. 

Personal Trainer

A mobile or in-home personal training business brings the fitness gear and workout plan to their clients, wherever they are. 

Suppose you are a businessman or an entrepreneur interested in venture into this great business idea and is looking for innovative ideas. In that case, you may have to pick a specialty since there are many different methods and techniques in personal fitness. 

Best mobile business ideas such as these have a vast market. It includes people of all ages, body types, and goals. Most personal trainers are aligned with gyms, community centers, or sports teams. 

On the other hand, many of them work for themselves, making house calls, working with their clients’ equipment, and bringing a minimum of their supplies. This money-making 2023 business and great business idea come with knowledge and experiences in personal training. 

Because of this, trainers should have good people skills to motivate their clients. 

A rising popular personal training business is taking your in-person personal training services to your client’s homes or facilities. 

Salon or Spa

Being a mobile stylist could be a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity. With the right experience, knowledge, training, equipment, and license, you can develop and make your mobile salon that provides hair and nail services to your customers. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas and a great business idea, hair salons can be a steady, profitable business. 

Because of this being one of the many innovative ideas for businesses today, it is essential to note the critical things a salon needs to succeed are a good culture, knowledgeable employees, and an understanding of what your services are worth. 

The most significant advantage of this new business idea and unique business is that you will be your own boss. You will be running your sole proprietorship. 

Your clients could range from modeling agencies to wealthy individuals who prefer stylists’ homes to come to their house. Because of this, you may want to consider expanding to a mobile spa where you can provide massages, facials, or other health and luxury materials. 

Other Best mobile business ideas 

Photographer [Best mobile business ideas]

You do not need an extensive studio or traditional business location to start a successful photography business. 

One of the best mobile business ideas is mobile photography, where you can take your equipment and gears anywhere. This unique business and innovative idea allow you to capture photos in different and special places. Also, this is one of the top 10 most successful businesses to start and a great business idea. 

The costs of photography have reduced since the transition to digital media and equipment. All you need is a camera, computer, and an eye for suitable events and subjects to be successful. 

If you do not have much experience, you can start by listing out the things you like to capture. Businesses and other people need photographers for many reasons. 

When it comes to businesses, they need pictures for their products to feature in their brochures and marketing materials. When it comes to individuals, they need photographers for their portraits and events like weddings, birthdays, and other parties. Managing your client’s expectations is vital to your success. 

Pet Grooming

Suppose you have any experience with grooming pets. In that case, all you need to start a mobile pet grooming business is your equipment and the ability to travel to your customers’ homes, bringing the grooming salon right to them. 

That is a unique service for pet owners who are tight on time or those with pets who spook easily and a new business idea for a businessman or entrepreneur. 

In this unique business and great business idea, you will need a truck or van outfitted with the necessary equipment and supplies needed for what your customers may consider a comprehensive grooming service. 

That may include a shampoo bath, brushing, haircut, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. Innovative ideas where you can set yourself apart from the competition are adding spa services from massage to pampering facials. 

However, one thing to take note of is to check your state licensing requirements to see if you need a pet grooming license. You can check and visit the National Dog Groomers Association for certification courses and a wealth of information to get you started on one of the best mobile business ideas such as this. 

Bookmobile [Best mobile business ideas]

If you love books and share that love of books with others, why not venture into a bookmobile business? 

A bookmobile may be the perfect entry, a way to build your brand, not to mention a new business idea. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas and a unique business, a bookmobile has an inherent nostalgia factor that can connect with fellow book lovers ranging from farmers and artisan markets to retirement communities. It also provides a valuable resource for schools and residents of underserved neighborhoods where book deserts exist. 

Although the profit margins are thin, you can sell other related items with higher margins to make up for it. 

Mobile Coffee Cart or Truck

Almost everyone that we know loves coffee. And for places full of coffee drinkers and coffee lovers, a mobile coffee cart or truck is one of the best business ideas and innovative ideas that a business person or entrepreneur can venture into nowadays. 

Since most people, especially students and those already working, can’t start their day without drinking their coffee and then often refuel midday, such a new business idea is a money-making 2023 business. 

If you establish your cart in a high-traffic area, building awareness with an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing cart or truck. This truck speaks the quality of the coffee you are serving, and then delivering on that perception, you can be pretty successful in this business venture of yours. 

Coffee is a high-profit margin business. Thus, mobile coffee carts or trucks are one of the best mobile business ideas out there. 

However, because there is a high profit margin for this great business idea, it is also a competitive one, so you need to set yourself apart with a great niche proposition. 

Give your target customers a reason to spend money on your coffee by offering something unique that they will value, such as ethically sourced, fair-trade ingredients. 

On-demand Tech Help or Repair [best mobile business ideas]

In this digital age, tech help or repair is a great business idea that a business person or entrepreneur should venture into. 

As one of the best mobile business ideas and one of the money-making 2023 businesses, there is a need for on-demand tech repair or troubleshooting services. 

In a world where most people could not imagine their lives without their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, this is a unique business that you may want to venture into nowadays. 

So do the accidental situations where their gadgets fall into the toilet, pool, or washing machine. There are also incidents where WiFi trouble in a work-from-home world can be a productivity killer. 

For all these little and big tech fails, on-demand tech help or repair is very much needed. 

Suppose you have a background in computer science and have the ability to confidently diagnose and fix glitches, replace screens and batteries, aid in data recovery, and remedy water damage. In that case, you can gain that superhero status among the many who need fast tech CPR and are even willing to pay a perfect amount for it. 

Mobile Bicycle Repair

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a massive increase in bike sales. That is because bike riding became an outlet that satisfied a need to both exercises and explored. 

As many more people continue to pedal, there is a growing need for regular tune-ups and repairs. Mobile bike services have become one of the best mobile business ideas and the go-to for convenience and safety. 

If you know your way around a bike and have mechanic-level skills, there is a demand for services from brake and other gear adjustments to parts replacement. 

To venture into this new business idea and money-making 2023 business, you will need tools and the means to stock them. 

You will also need various parts in a vehicle that would enable you to transport bikes to and from your workspace or serve as the workspace for large jobs like overhauls.