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9 Best Mousepads – Buyers’ Guide

Looking for the best mousepads is always as important as looking for the mouse, or any other computer accessories for that matter.

Several types of mousepads are available in the market. Depending on the purpose or the design that one wishes to have, there are plenty of mousepads that you can find, whether in physical stores or online shopping platforms like Amazon.

The abundance of mousepads makes it difficult to find the best mousepad perfect for one’s needs and preferences.

That is why we think this list will be greatly beneficial for those who are looking for the best mousepads of 2023.

Best mousepads of 2023

Especially now that the coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of employees to stay at home, most workers would want to ensure that they have conducive working environments even at home. Part of ensuring such is having the right computer accessories like the best mousepads.

Top 3 best mousepads:

VicTsing Mouse Pad

This mousepad is considered one of the best mousepads because of its stitched edge, premium-textured mouse mat, and a rubber base that makes it non-slip.

This could be the perfect answer on what to use as a mousepad if you are looking for a high-quality but stylish kind of mousepad.

The durability of this product makes it the best mousepad for gaming. It also has an ultra-smooth surface that allows users to move smoothly when in use.

This is also a stylish mousepad because its size is applicable for daily use, and it has a range of designs that you may choose from.

Knowing how to clean a mousepad will no longer be an issue for this product because it is easy to clean.

An additional factor that makes this one of the best mouse pads is that it is made of nature-friendly materials.

Some of those who bought this product could attest to its greatness. One customer even said, “I am not often given to hyperbole, but this is one of the best mouse pads I’ve ever used at any price, and I’ve used some high-end, gaming-peripheral-brand gaming mouse pads.”

MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support 

This gaming mousepad is also suitable for home and office use. The reason why we considered this as one of the best mousepads is that it is a high-quality mousepad with a wrist rest.

The wrist rest of this gaming mousepad is filled with a gel that provides a good touch to the wrist. Through the gel mouse pad, it relieves wrist stress that makes working or gaming uncomfortable.

Aside from the gel filling, this product is also commendable for its smooth fabric covering. The Lycra cloth makes it worthy of becoming one of the best mousepads for gaming.

This mousepad with wrist rest is also enjoyed by users because it grips firmly to desktops. Because of that, there is no hassle in using the mouse and the mousepad at all.

One of the customers commended the product and its price, “Very soft gel and have not had any discomfort resting my wrist on it for few hours at a time. It’s definitely worth the price!”

BOSOBO Mouse Pad

This mousepad made it to the list of the best mousepads because of its style and cute designs.

You may avail of this product in circle or square shapes. Also, there is a variety of designs to choose from. There is a total of 21 designs available at Amazon for this stylish mousepad.

However,t his product is not only commendable for its style and cute designs. This product is also exemplary for its smooth surface and rubber base. The rubber base ensures that this stylish mousepad does not slip the surface. This prevents the mouse and the mousepad from sliding and moving.

This product does not only speak as a stylish mousepad but also as a durable one. It is also easy to maintain, so knowing how to clean a mousepad will not be such an issue.

One customer who bought it from her work from home office set up said, “I purchased the Mandela design of mouse pad. I LOVE the design. I’m working from home right now and it’s on the desk I use for work.”

Especially now that the coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of employees to stay at home, most workers would want to ensure that they have conducive working environments even at home.

What to use as a mousepad?

Another important question when choosing the best mousepad is knowing what to use as a mousepad.

Since there is a variety of mousepads out there, it is only proper to know the different types of mousepads so that you are aware of what to use s a mousepad.

Before going over the rest of the list of the best mousepads, one should also be familiar with what kind of mousepads are there. 

That is to ensure that they will be purchasing the product which they truly need and are fit to their needs.

Here are the different types of mousepads:

Mousepad with wrist rest

This type of mousepad is also called an ergonomic mousepad.

It is ergonomic because it is specifically designed to provide efficiency and comfort.

This product provides comfort as it relieves stress on the wrist tendons through the wrist rest.

Gaming mousepads

Gaming mousepads are a combination of an ergonomic mousepad and a textured mousepad.

It provides ease of use and comfort, while at the same time is designed for extended use.

This type of mousepad is usually made durable because it is expected to e used for a longer period. It is usually made of plastic.

Textured Mousepad

Aside from an ergonomic mousepad, another type of pad is a textured mousepad. 

According to EasyTechJunkie, this type of mousepad is the most common among the tree.

Also, textured mousepads are the most affordable.

It has a fabric layer that makes mouse movements lint-free.

Best mousepads (Gaming mousepads)

Aside from our top three picks, other mousepads would be enough reason to answer why to use a mousepad. Specifically for gaming, these mousepads are not just applauded by our team, but also by other gamers who have already purchased them.

HyperX Fury S – Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Not only is this product considered the best gaming mousepad because of its materials, but also because it is durable and portable.

Wherever you choose to play or work, this gaming mousepad can be easily set up and used.

It is available in four sizes, which makes it suitable for whatever need a customer has.

This product is also considered a stylish mousepad because of its elegant features. It has seamless and anti-fray stitched edges and is made of cloth and rubber.

On Amazon, this product received a five-star rating from more than 13,000 customers.

According to those who already bought the product, “I have so far a great experience with HyperX products and their customer service, this mouse pad is not the exception.”

Gaming Mouse Pad by AREYTECO

This product is considered one of the best gaming mousepads because of its durable stitched edges.

One of the most persistent problems in mousepads is the delicate edges exposing the material beneath the fabric covering.

This mousepad ensured that the stitches are durable so that the covering will remain intact even after extensive use.

It also has a rubber base that ensures that the mousepad will not slip from the desktop.

According to one of the customers who bought it, “Perfect desk pad for what I need. I have a small desk that I use to game on and work at, and this is ideal for both. The mouse flows nice over it and it’s the ideal size to fit under the keyboard as well.”

Best mousepads (mousepads with a wrist rest)

Some individuals develop a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. That is due to long hours spent working in front of the computer.

According to WebMD, this condition causes numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hand. One of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive motions like typing.

It is indeed a discomfort for some, especially for those who need to use the computer.

That is why considering purchasing a mousepad with a wrist rest is a good idea. Specifically, for those who have carpal tunnel syndrome, a mousepad with a wrist rest is the perfect answer to the question, “What to use as a mousepad?”

Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Support by J&G Computer Accessories

One of the promises of this ergonomic mousepad is that it can relieve the stress of using a mouse or typing for a long period. Also, this product is described as an effective accessory to prevent any wrist stress, soreness, or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

The shape and size of this type of mousepad are also commendable. That is because its shape and size are ideal for the usual movements when using a mouse.

This ergonomic mousepad also has a 3-year-warranty. That means if it does not live up to its promise, you can return it to the store.

Customers who bought this product highly recommend it for its durability. One customer shared in her review, “I can’t say if it eliminates carpal tunnel but I can say I don’t feel any pain around my hand area while using this product. Underneath the mouse pad is a nonslip rubber skin which really works well on my wooden desk. It’s a great value for a very good product.”

VictSing Ergonomic Mouse Pad (Best mousepads)

Here is another product from the makers of VictSing. However, this time, it is a mousepad with a wrist rest.

Aside from being a mousepad with wrist rest, this product is also loved by customers because of the available designs.

The wrist support of this mousepad is a gel and helps in ensuring that the user will not have any wrist pain at all. 

This product also has a soft fabric covering. Through this material, tracking movements are much easier. In terms of staying in place, the non-slip PU base makes it all possible.

One of the feedbacks of the customers says, “This was a great value and it’s well made.”

Other best mousepads

If you are on a budget or are looking for a stylish yet efficient mousepad, then this list is for you.

The mousepads provided in this list are those that are considered as textured. They are also durable and of high-quality, but are not specified to be a gaming or ergonomic mousepad.

Also, this list contains other types of mousepad like charging pads and the like.

3M Precise Mouse Pad

This best mousepad has a bitmap design. Also, it helps in saving the battery life of a wireless mouse.

As it works as a battery-saving mousepad, it also enhances the performance of an optical mouse.

The quality of this mousepad is also commendable as it keeps the mouse firmly in place.

This product has a 4.6 out of five stars rating from more than 9,000 customers. One of the customers said, “Love this mouse mat. It doesn’t rise (up) at all from the surface, it stays flat and mouse tracking is always accurate, which is what you need really!”

JEDIA Mouse Pad, Gray Premium Hard Metal Aluminum Mousepad (Best mousepads)

What is unique about this mousepad is that it is double-sided. One side of this best mousepad is made of aluminum alloy. On the other side, it is made of leather.

Both sides are stylish which makes it a good choice.

Aside from being double-sided, this product is also applauded for its durability.

According to its description, it can last up to five years. That is believed to be possible since it is made of hard aluminum that is wear-resistant.

How to clean a mousepad?

After purchasing some of the best mousepads, there will come a time that you would also need to clean that est mousepad that you have bought.

Here are some of the easy ways on how to clean a mousepad, according to SteelSeries:

1. Use water and soap

Depending on the kind of material of the best mousepad that you have chosen, one may choose to clean it by submerging the mousepad in hot water and soap. 

You may either use dish soap or hand soap. The choice would depend on your preference. However, handsoap is highly advisable by some since it is softer to fabrics.

2. Gently rub the mouse pad

After submerging the mousepad in hot water and soap, the next step on how to clean a mousepad is by rubbing the pad gently. This way, visible dirt may be removed.

In doing this step, remember to stay gentle. Rubbing the mousepad rashly may cause the design to fade or damage the fabric of the mousepad.

3. Completely dry the mousepad

The last step on how to clean a mousepad is ensuring that before using it, the mousepad is completely dry.

You would not want to use a slightly wet mousepad, especially since it is always in close contact with your hands.

Why use a mousepad?

Before finding the best mouse pad, one usually contemplates the thought of getting one. Some people say that using a mousepad is no longer necessary. However, there are still several people who would beg to differ.

Because mousepads are not usually one’s cup of tea, people ask others “Why to use a mousepad?”

There are several reasons why people need mousepads. Here are some of those:

1. Mousepads help in protecting desks.

Since a mouse tends to scratch the surface of the desk, especially when used for long periods, using a mousepad makes a lot of sense.

Although the mouse also tends to wear off mouse pads, it is still more ideal to replace a mouse pad than an entire desk.

2. Mousepads protect the mouse.

Another reason why use a mousepad is that it can protect the mouse. Through the mousepad, picking up dirt, dust, and whatnots can be avoided.

Since the surface of the table is not always free from dirt, the mousepad can help in ensuring that the mouse will stay clean and protected from dirt.

3. Using a mouse pad provides more comfort

A mouse pad with a wrist rest can provide more comfort to users. For those who use the mouse for work or school the entire day, using a mouse pad can make sense. Finding comfort in such little things can make others feel better and relaxed despite a long day in front of the computer.

However, even if you are not using a mouse pad with a wrist rest, the softer surface compared to the desk feels better while working.

4. Mousepads can help provide better control

Since mousepads providing comfort is already established, it would also be nice to assert that mousepads provide great control, especially for gamers.

According to MacHash, “When you have a decent mouse pad that can handle sudden movements and keeps you on track, you will be able to settle your hands in a comfortable position, and in turn, your gaming performance will massively increase.”

5. Gaming mousepad can improve a gamer’s performance

For some gamers, more than the comfort that a mouse pad provides, the performance when using a mouse pad is a sufficient answer to the question, “Why use a mousepad?”

Some professional players say that using a gaming mousepad makes a lot of difference. Although using one is not an assurance to a good game, it improves one’s gaming performance at a certain notch.