California leads all states in start-up businesses by women, and the same is true. If you’re a woman and looking for grants to help you start your own business, you have come to the right place. If you’re a female business owner looking for grants for women and other business funding we’re here to help!

One grant place to start to look for grants for women is by heading to our website, African-American Grants’ website. Businesswomen from California Sure, it’ll take some work on your part to pursue the money to grow your business.  But we believe you are here to get small business grants — that’s what we’re about, and we’ll help you find grants for minority women and stay with you every step of the way!

Here are Small Business Grants for Minority Women in California

1. Grants for Business Operating in Cleaner Energy and Equipment

Grants to California organizations and businesses in eligible regions to replace old, heavy-duty engines with cleaner and newer equipment. Funding priority will be given to projects directly benefiting disadvantaged communities, low-income areas, and zero-emission projects.

Funding is intended for replacements related to irrigation pump engines, mobile agricultural equipment, fishing and commercial marine vessels, and construction equipment. Eligible applicants will be located in Monterey, Santa Cruz, or San Benito counties.

The purpose of the program is to encourage owners of diesel engines to go beyond regulatory requirements by providing funding to retrofit, repower, or replace engines with newer and cleaner ones. Projects will be evaluated and selected for funding based on the engine’s annual emissions reductions (tons/year). 

2. Grants for Works of Performing Arts

Grants to California nonprofit organizations in eligible counties to commission works of performing arts in eligible genres. Applicants are required to submit a letter of intent prior to a full application. Applicants that serve historically marginalized or disadvantaged communities are encouraged to apply.

Performances must be in the folk and traditional genre, which may include dance, music, storytelling and theater, and other traditional arts expressions that have a strong performative element, according to the community of practice. Nonprofits must be based in the Bay Area area counties. The lead artist may be from anywhere in the world.

3. Grants to California Educational Arts Programs

Grants of up to $5,000 to California arts organizations, teachers, and teaching artists in eligible locations for educational arts programs in disadvantaged schools. Funding is intended to support hands-on arts opportunities for students in grades K-12 that are held on a school campus or at an off-site location in coordination with a public school. Funded programs must take place in Oakland.

Arts for Oakland Kids (AOK) awards Project Mini-Grants for hands-on arts education programs that take place in under-resourced Oakland public schools. While programs in public charter schools may be considered, first consideration will be given to programs that serve OUSD-run public schools that have no or low arts funding from their PTA.

4. Grants for Women’s Studies Programs

Grants to California IHEs and community colleges in eligible communities to support existing or create new programs for women’s, gender, or feminist studies. Preference will be given to community colleges to ensure that women of all economic backgrounds have access to the tools to advocate and make change in their lives and communities. Programs should serve the Santa Cruz and Monterey area.

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation has shown a long-standing commitment to women’s educational equality in the Santa Cruz and Monterey area. Unfortunately, Feminist/Gender/Women’s Studies programs are not a priority for all institutions of higher learning.

Many colleges and universities do not offer comprehensive Feminist Studies programs; and many programs have been eliminated entirely or have experienced drastic budget cuts. As a response to this gap, the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation seeks to partner with institutions of higher education in the Santa Cruz and Monterey area to enhance/

The program is to establish, or reinstate Feminist/Gender/Women’s Studies programs. The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation is specifically choosing community colleges in order to ensure that women of all economic backgrounds have access to the tools to advocate and make change in their lives and communities.

5. Grants to Researchers for Critical Studies

Grants of up to $25,000 to California individual researchers as well as researchers affiliated with organizations, businesses, hospitals, and IHEs for studies related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Funding is intended to support critical short-term projects aimed at mitigating the severity of the disease, particularly for vulnerable populations.

In light of the emergence and spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in California and beyond, the statewide funding programs of the University of California Office, of the President (UCOP) Research Grants Program Office and the Type 1 Diabetes Research Fund are together making funds available to immediately support urgent research to mitigate the pandemic.

This request for proposals aims to support rapid research focused on immediate outcomes and deliverables to mitigate SARS-CoV-2 infection or COVID-19 disease severity, especially among those with cancer, HIV, and tobacco-related diseases.