Walmart provides multiple scholarship programs for workers’ family members. The Walmart Dependent Scholarship is intended to help those who are in economic need pay for university or technical college. If you work for Walmart or are entirely reliant on one, you can qualify for the Walmart Scholarship to support your college expenses.

There are two distinct paths for workers (referred to as affiliates) and their dependent family members. Students who are Walmart workers, as well as immediate family members of a Walmart worker, are eligible to apply for both scholarship money, but only one can be awarded.

Walmart is among the most generous corporate backers of education in America. They have contributed huge amounts to a wide range of education-related policies over the years, such as bursary aid, educational programs, educator recognition awards, as well as public community educational services.

As of 1981, the corporation has given out more than $83 million in scholarships. Furthermore, Walmart is a generous backer of numerous national scholarship programs, including the United Negro College Fund, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the National Indian Education Association, as well as the National Urban League.

A Walmart Dependent Scholarship has a peak award of $13,000, which can be used over four academic years at a recognized college or university.

Walmart Dependent Scholarship

The Walmart Dependent Scholarship initiative is a fantastic opportunity for dependents of Walmart workers to assist with the expense of education. Indeed, the probabilities of winning aren’t bad—approximately 25% of qualified persons obtain scholarships.

A Walmart Dependent Scholarship has an allowable grant of $13,000, which can be used over four educational years of uninterrupted full-time enlistment at a recognized college or university.

Eligibility Requirements for Walmart Dependent Scholarship

The most evident criteria of the Walmart Dependent Scholarship are that candidates be completely reliant on a Walmart worker who already has worked for the company for a minimum of six months. Walmart workers can work in any department; however, dependents of Walmart Board of Directors or officers with titles of Vice President or higher are disqualified. Other prerequisites for the Walmart Dependent Scholarship include:

  • Citizenship or permanent legal residency in the United States.
  • Graduation or receipt of a diploma from a high school (or home school senior) or GED candidate.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 (unweighted)
  • Full-time enrollment in a certified two- or four-year school of higher education is required.
  • Financial needs should be demonstrated.

How to Apply for a Walmart Dependent Scholarship

Applications must be submitted for the Walmart Dependent Scholarship via the website of the company. Candidates must provide extra evidence to back up their request. You will require:

  • A high school transcript or GED evidence demonstrating your academic results during the initial school term of your senior year.
  • A valid FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR).
  • Copy of the Walmart worker’s most current IRS Form 1040 claiming the candidate as a dependent.

Walmart Associate Scholarship

The Walmart Associate Scholarship provides existing Walmart workers with an excellent chance to collect funds for their higher education. The funds are distributed over a six-year period to be used toward an associate’s, bachelor’s, as well as a graduate degree, or certificate program.

Just around 10% of candidates are awarded, but qualified employees can obtain monetary assistance for an infinite amount of degrees and certificates—they also won’t be receiving two bursaries at the same time.

Eligibility Requirements for Walmart Associate Scholarship

Note that the most notable qualification for a Walmart Associate Scholarship is full-time work at Walmart. A full- or part-time worker with 6 months of back-to-back service is needed for evaluation. Candidates can work in any segment of Walmart, however, they should be hired and productive at the period the prize is given. Other prerequisites for the Walmart Associate Scholarship include:

  • Citizenship or permanent legal residency in the United States.
  • High school (or home school) graduate, GED recipient, or recently graduated high school senior planning to attend college or university after graduation.
  • Recently graduated high school seniors must wait until six months after starting college courses before applying.
  • Financial need should be demonstrated.

How to Apply for the Walmart Associate Scholarship

Candidates can apply for the Walmart Associate Scholarship via the corporation’s website. They will need the following supporting documents to augment their application:

  • Most recent IRS Form 1040
  • Volunteer or service operations list


Walmart Scholarships, both dependent and associate, take economic requirements into consideration. Even though taxes and FAFSA forms are considered necessary to demonstrate economic requirements, the application allows you to highlight what makes your situation unique.

Bring to light your economic difficulties, how they impacted your studies, and what you did to surmount the obstacles. Ensure to explain how a Walmart Scholarship will help you achieve your educational objectives and develop your skills.