The Growth of Entrepreneurship in Kenya
Entrepreneurship in Kenya grows day by day upon the many factors that emerge in a given day. Since
the turn of a millennium, Kenyan has been witnessing the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation across
the country. This has been largely impacted by the rising interest in the new technologies and mobile
connectivity among various communities in Kenya.

Through these daily innovations in Kenya, today the country has become the leading in
entrepreneurship in East Africa and Africa at large. The national sub-cultures have contributed to the
need and growth of the entrepreneurial economy. This journey of entrepreneurship begun after the railway
that was built by the Indians which brought a lot of business opportunities in Kenya.

This was in the early 1970s where people starting migrating from rural to urban areas in search of jobs. In this case,
people became more than the available job opportunities. So the remaining population, jobless persons
saw the need for entrepreneurship to sustain themselves in the cities.
There are a number of factors that have contributed to the growth of entrepreneurship since early
The 1970s are up to date as discussed below:

  1. Availability of funds. Capital is always a problem when starting a business, however in Kenya
    business person are able to seek support from both non-governmental and governmental
    financial institutions. Others got assistance from family and friends which foster them in
    venturing into different businesses.
  2. Modern technology. Technology has become essential tool in starting and running any given
    business. This has helped entrepreneurs get more skills to improve the business functions and
    advancing more tactics in improving their products.
  3. Good infrastructures. Development of infrastructures in in different part of the country has led
    to growth of many business in Kenya. Good and accessible roads help in reducing the cost of
    transport as well as saving time. Many productive projects have been born due to the developed
    and improve infrastructure.
  4. The right knowledge and skills. Many of the business owners in Kenya acquire knowledge
    according to their field of business. In the recent days many have been witnessed to registering
    on full course of different business not be employed built to be the best entrepreneurs
    nationally and internationally. Running the business that you have more knowledge and skills
    about makes it perform better.
  5. Government policies. There are many policies in Kenya that govern entrepreneurs