Small business owners in Iowa can apply for grants if they know where to find these grants. Applying for small business grants requires a step-by-step process to help you find the funding you need for your business.

If you own your business and are located in Iowa, you may not be surrounded by too many options when it comes to funding your business, however, finding ideal grants for your small business in Iowa can come in handy.

We have compiled a list of small business grants for business owners and residents of Iowa. Starting your application may appear quite daunting, but knowing just how to find these grants, and how to apply for them can help.

Arts and Culture Program Grant (ACPG)

Bravo Greater Des Moines is a program that envisions a community where arts, culture, and heritage organizations across Greater Des Moines are recognized and supported as vital contributors to the region’s vibrant quality of life. This program offer funding opportunities to businesses and arts and culture organizations in Iowa.

Their mission is to leverage community resources to maximize the impact of arts, culture, and heritage to advance regional priorities. 

This funding program is one to check out and to be part of their funding program is simple and easy to navigate.