The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency established to boost the economy by providing grants to small businesses. The SBA also provides counseling for a new business owner and provides several other tools that can benefit business owners in many diverse ways. For many who have just started a business, and need government grants to fund and grow the business, the SBA is a great option to explore.

The SBA has several grants that are specifically tailored to many individuals from minority grants to women-owned businesses and much more. Today, we will be exploring the SBA grant that was established to support women who own a restaurant, and food trucks — $25 Billion Restaurant Revitalization Funds.

These funds have been put in place to assist food vendors, truck owners, and other food service personnel access funding to help them get through the effects of Covid-19. For many, who have had to make the difficult decision of closing their food service due to lack of patronage, or insufficient revenue to stay afloat, this is a great option for funding. If you would like more grants for food service, agriculture, farming, gardening, and conservation, click here.

For many women starting their own business, one of the challenging aspects of getting the business going is finding ideal funds to help them get started. For many others, finding grants to keep their business up is can be quite cumbersome. There are grants for business startups, particularly for women who are starting their businesses. To see what grant options are out there for you, check out our list of 35 grants for women-owned businesses.

The SBA $25 Billion Restaurant Revitalization Funds is a seamless application process that requires that you fill out the application and provide vital information that can help you apply for the grant successfully. It is important that you check the grant eligibility to ensure that you qualify to apply for this grant. This grant is time-sensitive and requires that you submit your application within the first 21 days to a select number before it opens to the general public to apply.

The following businesses would be qualified first:

  • Women-owned businesses
  • Members of socially and economically disadvantaged business-owners
  • Veteran-owned business owners
  • Minority-owned business owners

If you belog to the above groups, then you should hurry and apply. now!