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AfricanAmericanGrants.org (AAG) is the world’s leading search engine for minority grants. With over 11,738 active grants. AAG is the premier information source on grants, fellowships, awards, and other funding opportunities for small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in the United States, and across the globe. Our grant collection database includes 27,926 funding opportunities in every US state, from Alabama to Wyoming, and around the world.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a nonprofit organization, community program, school, or community leader in need of grant funding, our team of grant professionals is working around the clock to locate, monitor, and share a constantly growing list of active and updated funding opportunities for you to explore and take advantage of today!

Benefits of Booking AAG Consultation

  • Diverse and extensive information of grants that match your funding needs
  • Information for grants from foundation, corporate, state, city and federal funding sources
  • Updated, complete, accurate and current grant details
  • New grant opportunities your business can apply for
  • Grant access and other business opportunities for your business
  • Get help start or grow your business
  • Follow up with your grant application and updated information
  • Access to priority e-mail support
  • Access to grant proposal template
  • Free business listing on the AAG business directory and much more

AAG Professional Grant Consultation Access to Easy-to-Read Report that includes:

  • Eligibility criteria and interest-focus grant information
  • Pre-application and workshop information
  • Description of grant program
  • Funding amounts and number of awards
  • Funding source contact details
  • Information for grant applications and documents

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I’ve been utilizing AAG Consultation Services to search for new grant opportunities since starting my LLC in 2014. I find new business, and community foundation grant opportunities through AAG!
As a result, I’ve expanded my business around the country (and the Caribbean). Thank you for your excellent service to the African American community.

AAG Grant Writing Services

Khemi Kianjo
Embers of Life and Light LLC
Superior, WI

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AAG Grant Writing Services

Our grant and business specialists are on standby to help you apply for grants that are specifically tailored for — African-American business owners.

To schedule an appointment, select your ideal date and time availability, and one of our grant experts will reach out to you within 24 hours of your booking.