Balancing Smoothie Reset

50 Ultimate grants for African American Grants

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re you an African American business owner looking to apply for greats? We have you covered! We have just released the 50 ultimate grants for African Americans.


This is a full grant guide that teaches you the step by step of applying and receiving grants. This e-book outlines grant applications, business and entrepreneurship development, minority certifications, grant proposals, and assisting businesses in building and obtaining grants.


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We know how challenging it is to find grants to help, so we have created our AAG’s grant guide to help you gain exclusive access to the latest business grants in 2021 and beyond.


Balancing Smoothie Reset


No need to drink the same boring smoothie every day. With these 7 recipes, your taste buds (and your cells) get to enjoy something new and delicious every day.


You don’t have to throw out everything in your fridge or pantry in order to start making positive changes in how you look and feel.

Just focus on enjoying the delicious goodness that these smoothies have to offer. Your body will thank you!


You don’t have to worry about buying extra powders/supplements for your smoothies. Every recipe uses whole foods that pack a nutritional punch!


You can print or save your shopping list to your phone, to make grocery shopping easier.

Balancing Smoothie Reset

Get Instant Access to the 50 Ultimate grants for African American Grants

50 Ultimate grants for African American Grants

Balancing Smoothie Reset

Hey There!

You’re about to experience an easy healthy eating strategy that the women in my community started using in the summer of 2019 (as part of my private, 5-Day smoothie challenges).


In as little as 3 days, some participants experienced improvements in energy levels, sleep and overall skin appearance/glow.


In fact, one participant noticed that the smoothies reduced her need for coffee. She continued to use the smoothies long after those 5 days and weaned herself off of needing to rely on coffee for that morning jolt.


In this 7-day reset, you will have access to the exact same recipes that I used in those first challenges, plus 2 bonus recipes. That’s a total of 7 recipes that you can mix and match as you like!


So, go ahead and grab your copy of these recipes now. I can’t wait for you to experience them for yourself 🙂





Balancing Smoothie Reset
Balancing Smoothie Reset

Get Instant Access to the 50 Ultimate grants for African American Grants

50 Ultimate grants for African American Grants

Balancing Smoothie Reset

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