Employment Identification Number is the heart of all businesses to file any tax returns. Some business entities like sole proprietorship and contractors prefer to give out their EIN instead of providing social security numbers.

Although the IRS will always keep on reminding you to keep safe your own EIN, as a human being you may find yourself not remembering anything concerning your Employment Identification Number.  In some other cases, you may lose your EIN due to the failure of your computer or maybe due to a crush on your computer server. On the other hand, a contractor may forget to fill out the form known as form W2 with the EIN.

In all these cases you need to retrieve your tax number back. You can do this by contacting the IRS agency, however, you will have to take another step by taking matters into your own hands if they are slow to respond or if they are quiet about it.

Time to call IRS

Whenever you lost your EIN number, it is advisable to double-check your records to see if you can find it back. You may do this by checking on your computer details or document for filing tax returns. Your company’s previous records cannot lack an attachment of the EIN number. That is if you are organized enough to extend that you have been keeping copies of all your company’s records. All banks that you have an account with have your EIN already. This is because EIN is a key requirement when opening a bank account for your company. So in this case you will have to visit them or call them to check for you the number where you should only be reasonable for them to trust you especially if the chart is through a phone call.

However, if all the above options failed to retrieve back your tax number, then it is the right time to call the IRS agency whom they will be able to guide you from there. The business and specialty tax can be reached through; 800-829-4933. In this case, you will have to provide enough information about the company where it means you are an authorized person by either being a sole proprietor of the company or a business partner.

Lost EIN for a non-profit organization

If you cannot find your Employment Identification Number for your non-profit organization, then worry less. It is very simple since the tax number for such organizations are kept online. All you need to do is use Tax Exempt Organization search tool that is found on the IRS website. On the search database, just input your company name and load the results will appear listing your company’s EIN.

Lost EIN for a publicity traded company

This is another way to mean that you are finding an Employment Identification Number for someone else business. This might be so complicated since you may not have any authority to retrieve back the number as a third party. In this case, if the business is publicly traded on the stock market then you can simply find the EIN on the company’s Investor Relations website.

For the case of publicly traded businesses, their EINs are always kept online as a filling page to enable investors to check out them.

Finding EIN through EDGAR

EDGAR is an important tool that is safely kept by SEC to protect investors whenever they access sensitive information about a given company. In this case, public-traded businesses are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

EDGAR tool is also known as SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering which can be analyzed and act as a retrieval system. This tool is always there and totally free and available for the public. To find the EIN through EDGAR is very simple. You only need the company’s name to search on the named website.

Finding EIN through public records

Since not all businesses have registered themselves with EDGAR, sometimes the EIN number can be found on public records. This is especially if the business has used an EIN in any of the county government or the local city forms. You can simply retrieve your tax number by reaching out to your local government.

Since the business has to obtain a permit or a business license in order to operate, then this means through the process the EIN has got high chances of being on a piece of public knowledge. These agencies may have no reason to deny you your EIN information and what you only need is to ask them or be their visitor at this point.

NB// Online Employment Identification Number is only available for some specific types of businesses like; non-profit organizations and publicly traded companies. To track any EIN of this business you only need the company’s name to search on the website. On the other hand, you will be required to write a letter while retrieving tax numbers from IRS agencies.