Home care and family support sectors have increasingly grown in terms of demands and the need for expansion has never been more. The human services and assisted facility home care industry have grown leaps and bounds recently.

Starting a care facility requires more than just the initial funding to get your business going. Grant issuing agencies are committed to contributing their own quota in terms of options in terms of home care and family support grant.

Home Care and Family Support Grant Program

Home Care and Family Support Grant

Government programs that are aimed at supporting care home facilities can be accessed by looking through the databases of programs such as the U.S. grants for small businesses platform, the U.S Small Business Administration website, and other grant agencies.

AfricanAmericanGrants.org has compiled the latest small business grants that can help you start or grow your group home business. For many, a simple search for home care and family support grant Facebook can help connect them with helpful grants for starting their care facility.

3 Options for Home Care and Family Support Grant

1. Geriatric Research Grant

Geriatric studies explore the welfare of the elderly. This program provides grants for individuals who have chosen to support those who require assisted living in group homes. The Geriatric Research Grant provides funding for group homeowners to run their programs and activities.

2. Alzeimers Discovery Grant

The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Grant program is aimed at helping group homeowners find the necessary grant to provide essential services to residents of care facilities. The grant can be used for a number of programs to help create new opportunities for care homes.

3. Startup Grant Funding

This funding program helps new businesses get grants to help fund their business. The program requires that you provide all the necessary business information that would help you enter the competition. This is a great option for a new business to start its funding process.


When you want to start a business, the first place to look is the resources that you have at your disposal. This can help you make informed decisions as to how to find the necessary grants that you need to start your group home business.

If you are looking to start a group home, but not sure where to start, click here to get help with your grant options and stay informed before you launch your group home business.