Black Women in 2021 are starting their own businesses at a rate that has never been matched before in history. Jan 31, 2021 — It is estimated that about 5.8 million Women of Color owned businesses employ 2.2 million people, and generate $387 billion in revenue. Let that sink in!

With the expansion of Black-owned businesses, access to grants for Black women and other business opportunities come varying degree of challenges that the every day Black woman out there still face. For many, starting a home-based business can quite challenging, and the reason is not unconnected to having access to funds to start the business of their dreams.

Despite the challenges, Black women globally have done well in terms of using what they have, in terms of savings , loans, and other resources they are able to gather together to generate income in many spheres of life, from entrepreneurship to research to ground breaking records in art and history, sports, leadership training and development and in nearly every aspect of human endeavor. is trying to change the narrative by putting together business resources to help Black women finding their footing when it comes to finding grants to help them start their own business.

7 Business Grants for Black Women

There are some programs that are specifically for small business grants for Black women, however, these grants are far and few between. However, what stands out is that these grants comprises of different agencies that are committed to helping Black women start their own businesses.

In helping women to connect with these grants, we have set out to hand pick 7 of the most promising, most valuable grants that can help anyone who is new to the world of entrepreneurship start their own business today. if you happen to be someone who has been contemplating starting their own business, these grants can help you get started.

There are several sources for grants for Black-owned businesses, many of these grants provide helpful information for how you can start your business, grow one or even expand your services. This is the advantage of being a recipient of many of these grants. Though, for many who may be interested in the 100k grants for women starting their business in 2021, not everyone may meet the eligibility criteria to qualify.

Even if your business requires you keep it business casual, yet, you still have access to other tools to help you stay prepared for what is coming. The different aspects of business grants that are required by the grant-issuing agencies may go beyond just asking for business plans, but a proposal detailing what you would use the grants for if awarded.

7 Small Business Grants for Black Women in 2022

1. Amber Grant

The Amber grant is specifically tailored to minority women. The WomensNet program offers the Amber Grant. This grant was established in the the memory of a young woman (Amber) who was unable to fulfill her entrepreneurial goals. Every month, WomensNet awards $1,000 to a different women-owned business. The winners of the grants are then entered for the annual $10,000 Amber Grant.

The Amber grant has helped a lot of women start their own business. If you would like to be part of the group of women who have become part of the Amber grant recipients, then the first step would be taking action to apply for the grant. This is one way to get your dreams of starting your own business started. The process to apply for the Amber grant is a very simple two-step application, and one that you can complete a couple of minutes.

2. The GirlBoss Foundation Grant

The GirlBoss Foundation Grant is a foundation that specifically supports women in their entrepreneurial journey. The program also provides vital tools and resources for minority women to support them through the process, by empowering them with the needed information in business and in life generally to help them start.

The GirlBoss foundation is committed to helping remove any barriers that may stand in their way of realizing their dreams of starting their businesses. The Girlboss Foundation has given away over $130,000 worth of grants to women who are at the forefront of entrepreneurial fronts making innovative moves in the industries of fashion, design, music, and the arts.

3. Minority Business Development Agency

This program by MBDA is a U.S. Department of Commerce agency that assists minorities and women in business in establishing and growing their businesses. This program provides funding to help new business owners and those just starting out.

The MBDA also provides valuable information for grants that you can apply directly to the links provided on their website. The agencies and organizations are a great resource that helps to provide more grant opportunities for minorities and women.

4. The National Congress of Black Women

The national Congress of Black Women is a nonprofit that positions itself as a platform that empowers black women. The nonprofit also provides valuable educational, political, and cultural development opportunities for black women and youth.

This is done by providing extensive mentorship and training for black women, especially in terms of preparing them for leadership positions in government, non-profit, and private sectors. The NCBW provides Grants for Black women to help them build their businesses.

6 The National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs

The National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs provides funding opportunities for women, and several other incentives to help increase engagement and advancing the moral, economic, social and religious welfare of all black women and their families. This NACWC program has over 245 charter clubs in five regions in the U.S.

7. Black Women’s Blueprint Fund

This BWBF nonprofit organization for black women provides resources for black women who are interested in being part of grassroots efforts and combating issues relating to criminal justice, police violence, economic justice, and education. The program provides funding opportunities for Black women to help them thrive in their business ventures.


Black-women who are starting their own business can indeed access grants, and you can see from the list of 7 grants that you can apply for today! Do not wait to apply when the opportiniy comes knocking at your door step. Make sure that you do meet the other criteria that is needed for you to get the necessary business grants to get your business started.

For help with business registration, grant search and other helpful business and grant support, can help! Finding grants for your business require work, most of which would have to be done by you. AfricanAmericanGrants Click here to contact one of our grant experts who can help determine what grants your business qualify for.