Growing one’s community can directly have an impact in the growth of their community. Growing your commnity and providing opportunities require funding, hence the focus of African American Grants to ensuring that programs that support community development are encouraged.

This grant is focused on encouraging entrepreneurs to create, develop, and expand business ideas in communities in which the funding source has a business presence. Funding is intended to improve social conditions and promote economic development in the communities in the Norton Sound region.

The NSEDC Small Business Initiative is an avenue for individuals to promote and develop business ventures in an effort to help alleviate social and economic issues facing the Norton Sound region. The NSEDC Small Business Initiative is aimed at identifying and funding business ideas that will stimulate and facilitate economic development in the Norton Sound region.

If you’re a business owner looking for support to help you grow your business, then having the NSEDC program to support your plans would be a great start toward applying for grants to help you support your community. We have several programs that you can draw from to help you start to think in the direction of helping to raise the needed awareness to help grow your community to desired heights.

If you nmeed the grant requirements below, then you should consider applying for the grants listed.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of submittal of the application
  • Qualify as a Norton Sound resident as specified in the NSEDC Norton Sound Residency Requirements
  • Have no delinquent balances through NSEDC’s Consolidated Bulk Fuel program
  • Have no outstanding financial liens or judgments against the applicant or the business
  • The proposed business concept must directly benefit at least one (1) of NSEDC’s fifteen (15) member communities by either expanding or establishing a business
  • The applicant must not have previously received a Small Business Initiative (SBI) grant


  • Proposed commercial fishing ventures (i.e. vessels, permits, gear, etc.) will not be considered.
  • Regular, full-time employees of NSEDC, Norton Sound Seafood Products, Siu Alaska Corporation and their affiliate companies are not eligible to apply.