Grants to Maine local and county government agencies for neighborhood improvements in eligible locations and communities throughout the State. Applicants must submit a letter of intent prior to applying.

Funding is intended to assist communities in implementing innovative, integrated, and comprehensive solutions to problems facing their downtown districts.

These community revitalization projects must be part of a strategy that targets downtown service and business districts and will lead to future public and private investment. Qualified applicant communities must have a downtown district meeting the definition of PL 776 enacted by the 119th legislature.

All CDBG funded activities must meet one of three National Objectives of the program. These objectives are:

  • Benefit to low and moderate-income persons;
  • Prevention and elimination of slum and blight conditions; and
  • Meeting community development needs having a particular urgency.

Eligible activities in the DR Program include all activities eligible under the Public Facilities, Public Infrastructure, Micro-Enterprise, and Housing Assistance carried out in a downtown area.