Communal sustainable agriculture contributes largely to the agricultural output garnered yearly, and providing funding options for this industry can help boost production. Access to funding for agriculture can also help to boost other areas of the economy, hence the $75,000 grant program to help with sustaining your agricultural programs for your community.

Now that you know that there are available grants for your agricultural programs, applying for these grants can be quite effective when you understand the eligibility requirements needed for each grant program. If you are interested in starting a farm, or some form of agricultural program that requires you to obtain tools and other equipment, applying for this grant could be something to consider.

Starting a feeding program for your community can also qualify for funding, provided that you have a list of programs, and resources to help your immediate community. You can only get access to available funding programs if you actually take your time to apply for them. There is other funding available for other types of community programs, that you can access easily by looking through our grant database here.

If you are in the starting stages and not sure how to navigate the grant program, you can click here to speak to one of our grant consultants who can help you with the grant application process to boost your funding opportunities. AAG grant consultants can help guide you in applying for available grants in your business, and provide you with the necessary support that your business needs to thrive.