We have all come to a cross road where we must rethink and act responsibly especially with our dealings with nature, our laxity, quest for more and inability to adhere to” Garrett Hardin” advice on his theory the “tragedy of the commons”has landed us in this confused state we find ourselves today.

So far man is gradually exceeding natures threshold and the results is what we have today. Which includes increase in surface temperature both in land and seas,and alternation in temperature and rainfall patterns, decrease in ice cover.

The increase in sea level just to mention a few with their results such as lost of biodiversity, increase incidence of natural, disaster occurrences such as floods, decrease in agricultural productivity leading to global hunger , water bodies drying up a typical example is the lake Chad basin and the general term to this upheaval is climate change manifestations.

Climate change is no longer an abstract issue it reality is already with us today the manifestations are there speaking for themselves with well documented figures of scientific proof of which time will not let me mention them. Action is what is required now to revert this already worsening effects and empowering local communities, NGO through grants is one of the means to achieve such. Let’s move straight away into looking at US grant to combate climate change and inequality.


Grants to USA nonprofit organizations to reduce social inequality and promote solutions to the climate crisis. Eligible programs will address the areas of racial and economic justice, corporate and political accountability; voice, creativity, and culture; and an inclusive clean economy.The Foundation’s four focus areas together form an integrated framework to advance a healthy planet and democracy:

The Nathan Cummings Foundations focuses on finding solutions to the two most challenging problems of the present time – the climate crisis and growing inequality – and aim to transform the systems and mindsets that hinder progress toward a more sustainable and equitable future for all people, particularly women and people of color.
The Foundation, deeply rooted in Jewish values, considers grant-making in Israel an integral part of their identity.

The NCF supports partners advancing democracy, an inclusive shared society and peace. For more details, see https://nathancummings.org/israel/#overlay-context=what-we-fund. ;For 27 years, NCF has supported movements, organizations and individuals pursuing justice for people and the planet.

Additional Eligibility Criteria

Organizations (or Fiscal Sponsors) with a 501(c)(3) or 7871 (Indian Tribal Governments) U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status may apply.
The following types of programs are not eligible for funding:

  • Academic scholarships
  • Campus or prison education
  • Capital or building campaigns, endowment funds or funding for public spaces
  • Community arts and theater-based projects
  • Congregations/churches
  • Holocaust-related projects
  • Jewish, Hebrew, or arts education
  • Projects addressing diseases or personal health
  • Social or direct service projects
  • Sponsorships, fundraising events, or galas
  • Individuals
  • 501(c)(4) organizations, while also a tax-exempt organization, but with a purpose to promote “the common good and general welfare of the community” and can engage in unlimited lobbying so long as it pertains to the organization’s mission.*
  • *Types of 501(c)(4) organizations:
  • Social welfare organizations: Civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare, and
  • Local associations of employees: The membership of which is limited to the employees of designated person(s) in a particular municipality, and the net earnings of which are devoted exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.
    Re-Application Information:
    NCF accepts Letters of Inquiry year-round and conducts three rounds of grant making each year. Staff will review each and be in touch within 60 days of submission.

Contact Grants Admin at gadmin@nathancummings.org for grants related questions. For technical support, contact help@nathancummings.org.