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Welcome to, a full grant and business consulting firm that specializes in grant application, business and entrepreneurship development, minority certification preparation, grant proposal preparation, and assisting small businesses in the building and obtaining TRUE business grants.

Our 20-minute AAG’s Gold Consultation will set you on the right path toward applying for your desired grants. Our grant specialist will walk you through the eligibility criteria and required paperwork to help you get the funding for your business. AAG is committed to providing you step-by-step guidance on a grant application, approval, and funding.

Your 20-minute AAGs’ Gold Package booking includes the following:

✅ Full Business Evaluation

✅ Grant Application Process 

✅ Check Grant Documentation 

✅ Full Business Feedback

✅ Grant Application Guide 

We offer after support to ensure that you get swift answers to your grant and business questions. Our grant experts provide subsequent grant updates to help you keep track of the progress of your grant applications. 

With AAG, you’re surrounded by a caring team that is committed to your business growth by providing you with unwavering guide and support for a successful grant application.

Don’t take our word for it, see what an AAG member has to say…

Grantwatch plans AAG has been to my finding grant opportunities since establishing my first very first e-commerce business in 2023! All because I took that first step towards realizing my dreams by scheduling a grant and business consultation. AAG is a great community that you want to be part of!

I have been able to secure myself foundational grant opportunities through AAG’s expert consultation. Now I can confidently say I have great support on this business journey that I’m learning and growing in. The AAG’s commitment to seamless grant accessibility for all is second to none!”.

Shaniqua Kueffa
Kanga Supply LLC
Bradenton, FL

Owner, Kanga Supply

GrantWatch Plans

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