The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation recently established a $3 million Survival Fund to assist Black people who are having problems monetarily as a result of the coronavirus disease outbreak. While also being a grassroots social justice movement, Black Lives Matter is attempting to establish the resources needed to have a long-term socioeconomic influence on its society – even while the government somehow doesn’t.

In this vein, the Black Lives Matter foundation established a survival fund to assist individuals who are finding it difficult to survive as a result of the persisting coronavirus disease outbreak. Black people were among those that were hit the hardest by Covid-19 and they have taken the bulk of the pandemic’s financial consequences.

According to reports, the virus has magnified the implications of racial inequality for Black people, and predictably, federal funding has done almost nothing to address these issues. The BLM Survival Fund intends to fill gaps left by the government, and it emerges as the country begs for Congress to pass a roughly $2 trillion relief package, including $1,400 direct stimulus payments pledged by President Joe Biden.

According to reports, the BLM foundation revealed that it had raised $90 million in recent times, most of which came following the demise in May 2020 of George Floyd, a Black man whose life was taken by a white Minneapolis police officer, sparking demonstrations throughout the United States.

Up to this point, the Black Lives Matter Survival Fund has made available no-strings-attached assistance to the families of persons murdered by police or even while imprisoned, grassroots community activists, transgender people, single parents, and formerly imprisoned persons.

The BLM Survival Fund has reached its purpose of delivering direct assistance to almost 3,000 Black people and their families, and applications will be closed indefinitely.

According to the foundation, the relief fund will help in providing $1,000 micro-grants to Black persons that really need it. The monetary assistance fund is accessible to everyone who identifies as Black, but candidates who also are transgender, single parents and guardians, or erstwhile imprisoned will be granted special consideration.

Eligibility Requirements for Black Lives Matters Survival Fund Grants in 2022

To be able to qualify for this survival fund grant, you have to fall under any of the following categories;

  • Must identify as black
  • Family of persons murdered by police
  • Family of persons murdered while imprisoned
  • Grassroots community activists
  • Transgender people
  • Black single parents
  • Formerly imprisoned persons.

How to Apply for Black Lives Matters Survival Fund Grants

To apply for this grant, simply navigate to the Black Lives Matter Foundation website and fill out the grant application form with all the necessary information. After an application has been submitted, it will be assessed by a judging panel to see if it fulfills the entry requirements. Applicants that are approved will get the funds in their bank accounts and will be able to spend them as they see fit.