African American Grants offers grant consultations for educational purposes. We do not own or provide grants for our services. The AAG team consultations are conducted for the purposes of helping individuals learn about any options of grants that may be available out there for them to apply for. We do not offer any grants, funding, or any monetary or financial services during these consultations. These terms and services guide the booking consultations conducted at African American Grants. AAG is committed to providing helpful information that can help provide grant information and education only.

We also do not offer any form of refunds. When you book an appointment with African American Grants, we expect that you make yourself available to receive a call from one of our team members. If for any reason, you are unable to complete your booking consultation, an AAG member would offer you a complimentary session of their choosing. This will be the only extension that you would be receiving from AAG. If for any reason, the second attempt to connect with you could not be initiated, interrupted, or incomplete, you would have to book another appointment on the AAG consultation booking portal.

AAG reserves the right to cancel, refuse or change the booking information, time, and schedule for any given booking without any prior notice. By booking with AAG, you agree that you cannot file for refunds for a missed booking or cancellations or for services you may consider not delivered. Due to the nature of the information services we provide, we are not able to request or accept any exchanges with the consultation services you have requested. AAG is committed to helping create access to information that can help in creating seamless access to grants that we source on the internet and those that have been provided on our website at