You can now apply for the $250M Back2Business (B2B) Grant Program. The Back2Business grant was established to help small business owners access funding to help grow their businesses. The program is largely connected to helping small business enterprises that may have suffered some direct or indirect effect of Covid. If you are a small business owner looking for funding to help start or grow your own business, this is a great option to consider.

Starting and running a business requires that you have access to funding, and for many, this may be challenging in many ways than one. Black-owned businesses on average get fewer funding opportunities compared to their other business counterparts. As a result, finding other funding options that Black-owned businesses can access can definitely help make a difference for small businesses.

For new business owners who are just starting out, you may not know where to go to find the grants you need. This is where opportunities like this one come in. You should ensure that you meet the grant-eligibility criteria and know just when to apply for the grant that you need for your business. Small business owners know just how tasking it can be trying to run your business, and looking for grant opportunities on the side. This is why we want to help new business owners focus on what is important — running their businesses and let us handle the rest.