Application fees are barriers to many students wishing to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad on scholarship. These students especially from developing countries tend to miss many opportunities for scholarships simply because they can’t afford application fees hence can submit their application for processing.

In this article we will be looking at 25 Universities in different countries in Europe, America, Asia, etc without application fees.
Canadian Universities without application fees.
Canada is one of the greatest study destination for international students to study and fulfill their dreams not just because it has leading Universities and researchers but also great scenery and environment for studies. Below are a list of universities without application fees in Canada.

Booth University college
Free Application Fees for: All applications; accepted students need to pay 500 CAD upon admission to secure your spot
Quest university
Quest University is a privately funded institution located in Squamish, British Columbia. The school is small, only housing about 700 students yearly. They focus most of their specialties on the Liberal Arts and Sciences. For those seeking history within their institutions, you may be disappointed with Quest University. To apply please click on the link below.
Royal Roads university
Royal Roads University is a public university located at Colwood, British Columbia. They offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate courses for locals and international students alike. It offers free application fees for international students.

Universities in USA without application fees
United States of America; The United States of America is considered by many as a very expensive study destination as most find it very difficult to gain admission firstly due to the presence of high application fees which hinders many from applying. We will be giving you a list of universities without application fees so you can try your luck cheers!
University of Vermont
Tulane University

Wellesey college
Thomas Aquinas college
Case Western reserve University
Loyola university
Mount Holyoke college
Carleton college
Smith College
Alcorn state University
Jackson state University
Reed college

China; universities in China without application fees.
China has become the a desired destination for scholarships not just because of its economic growth and quality of education, but he answer lies in the affordability of it’s Universities. Universities in China makes it a hotspot for many.

However, international students have to pay much more than just tuition, including outbound and return flights, visas, living expense, accommodation, and so on. Hence application fees is just another burden that hinder and limits the number of applications received. Here is a list of universities in China without application fees.

South China university of technology
Shandong University
Hauzhong Agricultural university.

Korean University with free application fees.
Applying for admission isn’t always an essay process as you need to go through a series of processes in order to succeed in the application process but the thoughest of them all is paying application fees Knowing it’s non refundable. Most Universities in Korean demand application fees but below is a list of universities without application fees.
Unist University
Pukyone National university
Kumoh National University.

Australian Universities without application fees.
Depending on one school alone isn’t satisfactory especially for international students you need to apply for several Universities so as to maximize your chances. Either way, it can be rather discouraging when you go to apply somewhere only to find that they require an application fee. Especially if you are applying to multiple schools. But there exist though limited a number of schools without application fees. As you can see below;

Bond University
Charles Darwin University

University of South Australia
The University of Notre Dame Australia.
University of Wollongong Australia.