Grants For Minority Women


Starting your own business is difficult in any situation, but challenges faced by minority women can make things even harder. Fortunately there are many agencies, both at the state and federal levels, which have allocated funds for providing grants for minority women. Grants for minority women can take time to attain, but the process can be extremely beneficial for African American women and other minorities. Here are some of the grants for minority women that are available and can be used as assistance with small business:

US Department Of Commerce Grants

The United States Department of Commerce has a number of options and assistance programs available that are dedicated to providing grants for minority women through the Minority Business Development Agency. In addition to offering grants, the MBDA offers other specialists that can help African American women develop their business plan, create proposals for grants given by their department and other sources, and much more.

Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization Grants

The Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization is a branch of the Environmental Protection Agency that offers grants for African American women as well as grants for other minorities. While the EPA may not be the first place to look, they do have many grants available if you plan on working in the construction field or dealing with equipment, construction services, or as a supplier in fields related to the EPA. These grants are available because the EPA is looking for more minority contractors and minority suppliers.

Small Business Administration Grants

The Small Business Administration is a federal program that is known for giving grants to minority women. In fact, the SBA gives out more grants to African American women and other minority groups than any other agency in the government. In addition to their own grant program they offer resources that will allow you to find state grants in your area that can be used as well.