Grants For Minority Medical Students


Going to medical school can be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life. Whether you plan on becoming a doctor, surgeon, or working in any other specialized medical field, the long term results of a PhD in a medical field are worth it. Medical school can be very expensive, however, costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend. Fortunately there are grants for minority medical students available from many different sources that allow African Americans and other minorities to secure the funding they need to attend medical school.

American Medical Association

The American Medical association is a national organization that has many different programs available to help with funding. One of the most important funds they have for minority medical students is the Minority Scholars Program. Through this program African Americans can find grants for minority medical students through the AMA as well as other sources.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a special program that is designed for African Americans, minorities, and other disenfranchised groups to find funding they need for medical school. Through the Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study, grants for minority medical students are available for PhD programs.

United Negro College Fund

Perhaps the most well-known African American grant programs, the United Negro College Fund is an organization that provides scholarships, grants, and other funding for African Americans to go to college. Grants for minority medical students are available to African Americans through two different avenues in the program: the UNCF itself as well as the Merck Science Institute.

In Conclusion

Ultimately there are a lot of grants available for minorities as long as you take the time to look. The application process may be rigorous and time consuming, but if you are dedicated to attending medical school, the hard work to obtain your grant is worth it.